Mit der Oman Air Business von Paris nach Asien …

Oman Air Business Sale Deals sind keine Seltenheit. Das freut uns natürlich. In einem Weekend Flash Sale ab Paris hat man wieder ganz nette Business Preise laufen.

Die Promo Bedingungen:

“+ Ticket sales from 16th August 2018 to 18th August 2018from GCC & Middle East and from 17th August 2018 to 19th August 2018 from all other destinations.
+ Valid for outbound travel period from 17th August 2018 to 10thDecember 2018
+ Discount is applicable on a specific Business class base fare. Taxes & surcharges are included.
+ Discount is applicable from and to selected destinations.
+ Moscow flights will start operating from 30th October 2018
+ Discount is not applicable to code share, interline and rail service sectors.
+ No Stopover Paid by Carrier to be given on these fares.
+ Special offer tag will appear on the web for eligible sector & fare.
+ Only limited seats are available on promotional fares.
+ Discount is applicable for booking on and Mobile App only.
+ Please review fare rules at the time of purchase. All other conditions are applicable as per fare rule.”

Buchungsklasse: R (Oman Air Business)

Die günstigen Preise bekommt man über die Oman Air Promo Page: Weekend Flash Sale

–> Oman Air Business Paris – Bangkok (Return): 1 122 Euro (15.10.-23.10.)

–> Oman Air Business Paris – Chennai (Return): 1 150 Euro (15.10.-23.10.)

–> Oman Air Business Paris – Delhi (Return): 1 066 Euro (15.10.-23.10.)

–> Oman Air Business Paris – Manila (Return): 1 254 Euro (15.10.-23.10.)