Zwischen Rom und Mailand werden Covid-19 freie Flüge angeboten …

Endlich wird man auch in Europa kreativ. Alitalia bietet zwei Flüge zwischen Mailand und Rom mit einem verpflichtenden Covid-19 Test. Alle Passagiere müssen einen Test am Airport absolvieren oder ein negatives Testergebnis mitbringen.

Andere hatten die Idee schon vorher. Emirates und Etihad verlangen schon seit Ende Juli einen Covid-19 Test: VERSCHÄRFUNG: VAE (Etihad / Emirates) verlangen Covid-19 Test VOR Abflug und auch für TRANSFER

Die Infos:

“As of 16 September, a new, even safer way to fly will commence on two flights to Milan Linate, operated by Alitalia (AZ 2038 at 13:30 and AZ 2092 at 17:30), only with passengers on board who have undergone a preventive screening with a negative result for Covid-19 (rapid antigen test or PCR molecular test).
For those who already have a certificate certifying negativity to one of these test, carried out within 72 hours before the flight, there is no change to the boarding procedure, which provides for the usual routes. Before boarding, a Ministry of Maritime, Air and Boarder Health (USMAF) doctor will check the validity of the certificate already held by passengers.
Passengers without a negativity certificate can undergo the rapid antigen test directly at the airport at the Covid-19 test area, at Terminal 3 arrivals, via a lane dedicated to these two Alitalia flights. Here, they will hand over the duly completed “Certification of Home Self-Isolation and Health Surveillance in the Event of a Positive Outcome” form to the registration operator. This form can be downloaded here. For passengers who do not have the form already completed, stations are available to fill it in. Once registration has been completed, the swab can be carried out.
The result of the swab will be read and communicated by the doctor after 30 minutes by calling the identification numbers of passengers who, whilst waiting for their result, are unable to leave the test area.
Passengers who, instead, want to undergo the rapid antigen test before the day of departure (however, in any case, within 72 hours of take-off) can go to the drive-in centre at the airport’s long stay carpark, which can be easily reached from the A91 Rome-Fiumicino motorway, by following the dedicated road signs. Access to the facility will be guaranteed by showing the flight booking.
If the report is NEGATIVE, passengers will receive a certificate of negativity and can proceed to board.
If the report is POSITIVE, passengers will need to follow the health protocols that will be communicated to them by the staff in charge.”

Zur Pressemitteilung: New procedure for 2 Alitalia Rome-Milan flights

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