100% BONUS bei IHG One Rewards Punktesale

IHG One Rewards verkauft wieder mal Punkte mit einem Bonus …

IHG One Rewards hat wieder einen Punktesale gestartet. Man erhält einen 100% Bonus. Wie immer muss man rechnen. Der Umweg kann eine Ersparnis sein, muss es aber nicht.

Die Bedingungen:

“This Offer is available to IHG One Rewards members for qualifying purchases of IHG One Rewards points made during the period from 12:00 AM ET on November 16, 2023 through 11:59 PM ET on December 30, 2023 (“Offer Period”). In order to qualify for this 100% Bonus Offer a member must make a minimum purchase of 5,000 points per transaction. For example, if a member purchases 4,000 points during the Offer Period, they would not qualify for the 100% bonus. In contrast, if the member purchases 50,000 points during the Offer Period, the member would receive an additional 50,000 points as the 100% bonus, for a total of 100,000 points. For this Offer, members may purchase a maximum of up to 250,000 points during the Offer Period, depending on how many points the member had already purchased during the same calendar year. For example, if a member had previously purchased 150,000 points in 2023, then the member could only purchase up to a maximum of 100,000 points during the Offer Period and would be eligible to receive the applicable percentage of additional bonus points under this Offer based only on the number of points purchased during the Offer Period. Similar limits apply to gifting points and receiving points as a gift: Members may gift up to a maximum of 250,000 points, or receive as gifts from other members a combined maximum of up to 250,000 points, during the Offer Period, subject to reduction by the number of points that have been already gifted or received as a gift, in the same calendar year. Purchased points, as well as any bonus points awarded under this Offer, do not count towards IHG One Rewards Elite status. This is an exclusive, non-transferable offer for intended recipients only and may not be forwarded. Offer is subject to change and cannot be combined with any other offer. Purchased points are not refundable and are applicable toward all rewards available through the IHG One Rewards program. Please allow up to 72 hours for points to post and appear in the recipient’s account. All other IHG One Rewards Membership Terms and Conditions apply.”

Die Höchstmenge:

250.000 Punkte + 250.000 Punkte Bonus = 500.000 Punkte: 2.300 Euro

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