Neue Sicherheitskontrollen für die USA sind in Kraft getreten. Lufthansa warnt bereits ihre Kunden …

In den letzten Tagen sind neue Homeland Security Sicherheitsregeln für Flüge in die USA in Kraft getreten. Homeland Security beschreibt die Maßnahmen folgendermaßen:

“The enhanced security measures include but are not limited to:
+ Enhancing overall passenger screening;
+ Conducting heightened screening of personal electronic devices;
+ Increasing security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas; and
+ Deploying advanced technology, expanding canine screening, and establishing additional preclearance locations.
Over the course of the next several weeks and months, DHS/TSA will work with aviation stakeholders to ensure these enhanced security measures are fully implemented.  Those stakeholders who fail to adopt these requirements with certain timeframes run the risk of additional security restrictions being imposed.”

Zu Homeland Security: Fact Sheet: Aviation Enhanced Security Measures for All Commercial Flights to the United States

Homeland Security stellt wieder die Rute ins Fenster. Hält man sich nicht an die neuen Regeln, könnte es ja – wie wir es bereits mit dem Electronicsban gesehen haben – zu Beschränkungen kommen.

Heute warnt Lufthansa vor längeren Kontrollen …

und fordert die Passagiere auf Flügen in die USA auf, sich am Airport früher einzufinden:

“As a result of additional safety checks introduced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the USA, delays in the check-In and security check procedures may occur. Lufthansa will therefore increase the check-in acceptance deadlines at Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf airports as of July 19 2017 for all intercontinental flights:
+ First and Business Class guests: 40 minutes before departure
+ Premium Economy and Economy Class guests: 60 minutes before departure
+ Small electronic devices (personal electronic devices, e.g. iPad) may also now be subject to a security check; however they can still be taken into the aircraft cabin
+ Check-in deadlines for intercontinental flights from Brussels, Cologne-Bonn, Geneva, Vienna and Zurich will not change, nor will the check-in times for continental flights.
+ The minimum connecting times at Lufthansa Group hubs will also remain unchanged for the present.
+ Passengers who have booked a long-haul flight to the USA are requested to arrive at the airport in good time.
+ For USA flights from Zurich, SWISS recommends that its passengers are at the airport at least three hours before departure.”

Zum Reisehinweis: Current travel information

Natürlich ist von diesen neuen Kontrollen nicht nur Lufthansa betroffen. Bei in nächster Zeit stattfindenden Flügen in die Vereinigten Staaten sollte man die Reisehinweise der jeweiligen Airline kontrollieren.