Keine überraschende Neuigkeit. Das Datum wusste nur keiner. Jetzt ist es fix …

Oneworld hat heute ein Statement zum Verbleib von Airberlin und Niki in Oneworld veröffentlicht:

“airberlin will cease participating in the oneworld alliance with effect from the close of business on 27 October 2017, following the filing by Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG’s (“airberlin”) for the opening of insolvency proceedings over its assets.
airberlin’s affiliate NIKI – which joined oneworld alongside airberlin in March 2012 – will no longer fly as part of oneworld at the same time.”

Zur Oneworld Page: airberlin to cease operating as part of oneworld from 28 October

Folgende Agreements bestehen noch:

… zu den Meileneinlösungen:

“airberlin closed its flights for new redemption bookings by members of its and partner airlines’ frequent flyer programmes as it filed for insolvency two months ago.  airberlin has confirmed that redemption flights already booked by members of other oneworld airlines’ frequent flyer programmes for travel on airberlin on or before 27 October 2017 remain valid.  If you have a redemption flight on airberlin booked for 28 October 2017 or later, or if the airberlin flight for which you hold a redemption booking is not operating, please contact your frequent flyer programme.
airberlin topbonus cardholders have not been able to make redemption bookings for flights on any airlines since it filed for insolvency.  Redemption flights made before then remain valid.”

… zum Meilensammeln:

“Most oneworld member airlines, other than airberlin, have indicated they will honour frequent flyer reward miles/points and tier status points earned for flights on airberlin by their frequent flyer programme members for a period, up to and including 27 October 2017.  Refer to your frequent flyer programme for details.
airberlin topbonus cardholders have not been able to earn frequent flyer tier status points or mileage rewards on any airline since its insolvency filing.”

… zum Loungezugang:

“Emerald and Sapphire tier members of other oneworld airlines’ frequent flyer programmes may continue to use airberlin lounges, in line with oneworld’s existing arrangements, until the close of business in 27 October 2017.  airberlin lounges will not be available as part of the oneworld offering thereafter.
airberlin topbonus Platinum and Gold cardholders will be able to use the lounges of otheroneworld member airlines until the close of business on 27 October 2017, in line with oneworld’s existing arrangements.  They will not be able to use these other airlines’ lounges as part of theoneworld offering thereafter.”

War alles absehbar und ist nur das Ende des Dramas.