“Transactions must be completed between 9:00 AM ET April 19, 2018 and 11:59 PM ET May 31, 2018 to be eligible for the discount. Purchased points do not count towards Preferred Guest, Gold Preferred Guest, or Platinum Preferred Guest Status. Transactions are final and nonrefundable. All other terms and conditions of the Starwood Preferred Guest Program apply.
Please Note: Excluding promo periods, cost is $.035 per point. Purchase up to 30,000 per account per calendar year; points are applicable toward all Starpoint awards but do not count toward elite status. All other Starwood Preferred Guest program rules, terms and conditions apply.
*Starpoints earned by using your Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express will post to your Starwood Preferred Guest account 6-12 weeks after the end of each month.
If you would like to send Starpoints as a gift, please visit Starpoint Purchase for Family & Friends.
Starpoint purchases can be made by members whose accounts have been active for a minimum of 14 days. Accounts that are less than the required 14 days in age will have the purchase attempt cancelled.”

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Entweder kauft man über den Umweg von SPG Meilen, oder aber man benutzt die Sweet Spots bei SPG. Gerade die Kategorie 1 und 2 sind da sehr interessant. Das Westin Zagreb aus dem Video wäre mit Kategorie 2 (= 3 000 Punkte am Wochenende) so ein Sweet Spot …