Mit ein wenig Zeit sichert man sich La Quinta Returns Elite, Wyndham Platinum und Total Rewards Platinum …

Mit dem Kauf von La Quinta durch Wyndham ergibt sich eine schöne neue Status Match Party. Einer meiner Leser hat es durchgezogen ;)

La Quinta Returns Status Match zu Elite

Zunächst holen wir uns mal einen Status Match zu La Quinta Returns Elite. Statusmatcher beschreibt einen sehr einfachen Prozeß. Man geht sehr easy hoch zu La Quinta Returns Elite.

Eine Email mit einem Status an La Quinta:

Die sehr positiven Erfahrungsberichte bei Statusmatcher: La Quinta Inns & Suites Status Match

Wyndham Rewards Status Match zu Platinum

Für La Quinta Kunden gibt es eine Status Match Page zu Wyndham. La Quinta Elite wird Wyndham Platinum.

Die Bedingungen:

“Pursuant to these terms and conditions (the “Status Match Terms”), each member of La Quinta’s loyalty program, La Quinta Returns, (“La Quinta Returns”) who has achieved the Gold, Military Rewards Gold, Elite or Military Rewards Elite Status in such program pursuant its terms and conditions (the “La Quinta Returns Terms”) is eligible to apply to match his/her La Quinta Returns status to the equivalent Member Level of the Wyndham Rewards Program, as set forth in the below:
La Quinta Returns Gold or Military Rewards Gold Status = Wyndham Rewards Gold Level
La Quinta Returns Elite or Military Elite Status = Wyndham Rewards Platinum Level
(the successful completion of such process hereinafter referred to as the “Status Match”).
To request the Equivalent Member Level, an eligible La Quinta Returns member (an “Applicant”) must: (i) visit and either sign into their existing Wyndham Rewards account, or complete and submit the “Join Wyndham Rewards” form to become a Wyndham Rewards Member; and (ii) enter their La Quinta Returns account number, first name, last name and email address, as such information appears in their La Quinta Returns account, in the provided fields.  IMPORTANT NOTE: the Status Match will not occur unless the last name and email address used by such Applicant in his or her La Quinta Returns member profile matches the last name and email address used by such Applicant in his or her Wyndham Rewards member profile.  To change the last name and/or email address in his or her member profile for either program, an Applicant can call 1-800-642-4258 (La Quinta Returns) or 1-866-996-7937 (Wyndham Rewards). Upon La Quinta’s verification that an Applicant’s La Quinta Returns account information is accurate, and that such account is in good standing, such Applicant will receive the applicable Equivalent Member Level.  Such Equivalent Member Level will become effective upon such verification, and, unless extended in accordance with the Wyndham Rewards Program terms and conditions (the “WR Terms”), expire on December 31, 2019.
Should La Quinta Returns deem a La Quinta Returns member’s number invalid or otherwise determine that the applicable La Quinta Returns account is not in good standing, in each case, in its sole discretion, the La Quinta Returns member will not receive the Equivalent Member Level.
For clarity, La Quinta Returns Silver Status members are not eligible for the Status Match. Gold, Military Rewards Elite, Elite and Military Rewards Elite Status La Quinta Returns members must be or become Wyndham Rewards Members to apply for the Status Match.  Any Applicant who has already obtained the Wyndham Rewards Member Level this offer otherwise would have afforded them will retain such preexisting Wyndham Rewards Member Level in accordance with the WR Terms, and the Status Match will be deemed ineffective.
Any La Quinta Gold or Military Rewards Gold member who completes a Status Match in accordance with these Status Match Terms, and subsequently upgrades to Elite or Military Rewards Elite status in La Quinta Returns, will be eligible, at the time of such upgrade, to apply for a Status Match to the Wyndham Rewards Platinum Member Level in accordance with these Status Match Terms.
Status Match eligibility is not transferable and may not be substituted for or combined with any other offer. A Member Level earned pursuant to this Status Match cannot be transferred, purchased or sold. A Member’s La Quinta Returns status and the benefits applicable to each such status are subject to the full La Quinta Returns Terms .  A Member’s Wyndham Rewards Member Level status and the benefits applicable to each Member Level are subject to the full WR Terms.  This offer may be cancelled or modified at any time, without notice, and is void where prohibited.”

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Total Rewards Status Match zu Platinum

Wyndham hat mit dem Loyalitätsprogramm für Casinos Total Rewards eine Kooperation. Wyndham Platinum bringt auch bei Total Rewards Platinum.

Für diesen Status Match muss man leider in ein Total Rewards Casino:

“In order to receive certain benefits of Total Rewards and participate in any gaming activities at Caesars Entertainment hotels, you will need a Total Rewards member card. To receive your member card, you must visit the Total Rewards Center at any Total Rewards participating Caesars Entertainment hotel to provide proof that you are 21 years of age or older.”

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Den Wyndham Diamond kann man sich sogar auch kaufen: Wyndham Diamond (= Suite Upgrades) um 340 Euro kaufen!