Mit einem Abo von Barron’s sammelt man 1 000 AAdvantage Meilen um 1 USD …

In den USA hat man nun auch die Liebe zu den Abos gefunden. Ein digitales Probeabo um 1 USD bringt 1 000 American Airlines AAdvantage Meilen. Die Promo läut noch ein paar Stunden, also Beeilung.

Die Promo Bedingungen:

“Only eligible on paid subscriptions. Only eligible on first month for pay by month subscriptions. Subscription must be active for at least 45 days. Eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number. Get 8 weeks for $1: Rewards will be issued based on an eligible MemberÂ’s purchase of a subscription to BarronÂ’s, starting with one (1) 8 week trial subscription for $1.00. The trial subscription purchase must remain active (i.e., may not be cancelled) for at least 45 days. There are no refunds of the $1.00 trial subscription fee. If the Member does not cancel the trial subscription by the end of the trial subscription period, MemberÂ’s subscription will automatically convert to a monthly subscription, and MemberÂ’s credit card will be charged based on the terms found on the BarronÂ’s offer page. Offer is limited to one (1) trial subscription per loyalty account. Void where prohibited by law. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.”

Barron’s Abo im AAdvantage Shop

ACHTUNG: Das Abo muss man kündigen!

KOSTENLOS: Mit Abschluss der American Express Gold erhält man 12 000 Meilen in vielen Programmen!

12000 Meilen bei Abschluss der KOSTENLOSEN American Express Gold