Marriott erweitert das Tribute Portfolio Homes Angebot …

Apartmentvermittlung ist gerade sehr groß in Mode. Marriott / SPG haben mit Tribute Portfolio Homes einen Versuch in London gestartet. Bei Aufenthalten mit diesem Apartmentvermittler gab es Punkte und Stay Credits bei Marriott Rewards.

Tribute Portfolio Homes wird jetzt auf Paris, Rom und Lissabon erweitert. Man kann jetzt auch Punkte für die Apartments einsetzen.

Die Verbindung zu SPG / Marriott:

How Does A Marriott Rewards Or SPG Member Earn Points For Booking With Tribute Portfolio Homes?
A Marriott Rewards or SPG member can earn points for completing a stay at one of our Tribute Portfolio Homes that has been booked A guest must sign-up or already be a Member and add their Member account number at time of check-out.
Point earning is subject to separate terms & conditions, which can be found within the terms of service.
How Many Loyalty Points Do Members Earn For Booking With Tribute Portfolio Homes?
Points will be awarded based on a value of 5 Points earned per qualifying $1 USD spent. Elite Point bonuses, based on Elite tier, will be awarded in accordance with the Loyalty Program Rules (excluding cleaning fees and extra add-ons during stay), though point promotions may apply. Members can see how many points will be earned on the product detail and checkout pages of the experience. These values are subject to change.
How Many Elite Nights Do Members Earn For Booking With Tribute Portfolio Homes?
For each night that is stayed at with Tribute Portfolio Homes, guests will earn 1 elite night toward their account.
When Will My Loyalty Points Appear In My Account?
As this is a new offering, provided the correct Marriott Rewards or SPG Member number is added upon check-out, points will automatically appear in your Marriott Rewards or SPG account three to six weeks (21 – 42 days) following the completion of your stay. If for some reason your points do not appear, please complete the following form on
Can Members Use Points To Make A Booking?
Yes! We offer our guests the opportunity to use points to make a booking.

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