Atlas Global verkauft wieder mal einen 5 Monatspass für die Business …

Atlas Global hat die Promo für unlimitierte Business Flüge innerhalb des Streckennetzes (International und Türkei) wieder aufgelegt. Um 2 999 Euro fliegt man unlimitiert Atlas Global. Die Steuern und Gebühren kommen für jeden Flug noch dazu. Meilen sammelt man auch nicht.

Gerade das sehr exotische Streckennetz macht diese Promo für Abenteurer natürlich sehr interessant.

Die Bedingungen:

“+ The dates during which this promotion is on sale are from 15 October 2018 – 15 November 2018, for flights between 5 November 2018 – 31 March 2019.
+ The promotion only applies to the “Atlasglobal Unlimited International” package. The international package includes our North Cyprus flights.
+ Passengers who purchase our “Atlasglobal Unlimited International” package can take unlimited flights on our international routes and on domestic flights connected to international flights.
+ There is no limit to the number of flights which can be taken as part of the purchased package.
+ The promotion only applies to adult passengers (aged 13 or over). Children may not make use of the packages in question. Passengers with infants do not need to purchase a separate package for their infant(s).
+ Passengers who buy this package can have flight tickets issued for their infants by paying airport tax only.
+ The promotion is valid on all scheduled flights operated by Atlasglobal.
+ The promotion does not include shared flights operated by foreign airlines. Of these shared flights, the promotion only applies to the Istanbul-Paris-Istanbul flights operated by Air France.
+ The package, which has been purchased, is specific to the named passenger and can only be used by the individual who has provided their Turkish ID number or passport information.
+ Participation in the promotion is limited to a total of 5000 international packages.
+ The cost of the package does not include taxes and fees. When tickets are issued an additional charge will be made for taxes and fees. Service charges may vary depending on the sales channel. As part of this promotion no service charge will be made for tickets issued through the web site, mobile app, mobile/ tablet website and the call center.
+ Passengers participating in this promotion must ensure that tickets are issued for their flights in advance.
+ Tickets bought as part of this promotion can only be used for the duration of the promotion. It is not possible to exchange these tickets for a flight which is not part of the promotional campaign.
+ The purchased package includes the right to make changes without incurring any charges.
+ If there is no room in Business Class on the desired flight, if the passenger wishes s/he may fly in Atlasglobal’s EkonomiPlus class. In this case the rules and regulations relating to Atlasglobal EkonomiPlus will apply.
+ If a ticket purchased as part of this campaign is cancelled, only airport taxes will be refunded.
+ It is not possible to combine two different promotions or discounts at the same time.
+ Some of our flights only operate an Economy Class due to operational regions. On these aircraft passengers who participate in the Atlasglobal Unlimited package will only be charged Atlasglobal EkonomiPlus taxes and fees.
+ Flights taken as part of the Atlasglobal Unlimited package are not eligible to earn miles.
+ If a passenger wishes to cancel the package due to the cancellation of a specific route, then a refund will only be issued for the package if it has been used solely on that route. In a situation where the package has been used for more than one flight destination, it will not be refunded. The lowest business class fare (W class) will be calculated for any flights taken on the route as part of the package and this amount will be deducted from the cost of the package, before a refund is made.
+ Providing that no flights have been taken as part of the purchased package, there is a right of cancellation within 14 (fourteen) days.
+ Atlasglobal retains the right to change the rules and the cost of the promotion.”

Eine Aufstellung der Steuern und Gebühren: Atlasglobal Unlimited International Campaign (PDF)

Unlimited Flights with Atlasglobal Unlimited



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