Malaysia Airlines hat die First in Business Suite umbenannt. Die Flüge mit neuem Konzept sind nun verfügbar …

Malaysia Airlines hat ihrem First Produkt eine neue Ausrichtung gegeben. Die First Hardware ist gleich geblieben, aber sie wird nun als Business Suite verkauft.

Die Features beschreibt Malaysia so:

“Meet and Greet
Get personalised assistance from the airport entrance to the check-in counter
Skip The Queue
Leave the long queues behind with our priority boarding counters for Business Suite passengers
Unwind In Comfort
Relax and stay connected at exclusive Golden Lounges worldwide before your flights
Ultimate Freedom
Choose between sitting and taking in the skylines or reclining for a long slumber
Fine Dining In The Skies
Delight your tastebuds with our gourmet cuisine and our convenient chef-on-call
Exclusive Amenity Kits
Take home sophisticated amenity kits exclusive to Business Suite only”

Die Pressemitteilung:

“The Business Suite cabin will be available on the London, Tokyo, Osaka route and on the Sydney and Seoul route during the winter season.
Product details: Business Suite on A380-800
Located on the main deck with 1-2-1 seat formation
Total of 8 seats with enclosed monument (4 individual seats and 2 double seats)
Seat pitch of 89 inches and bed width of 40 inches
Full flat-bed length of 87 inches • Individual 23-inch IFE screen with widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9
Each seat comes with its personal closet and stowage for coat, luggage, laptop and personal belongings A350-900
Business Suite on A350-900
1-2-1 seat formation with direct aisle access
Total of 4 seats with enclosed monument and retractable privacy door (2 individual seats and 2 double seats)
Seat pitch of 83 inches and width of 23 inches
Full-flat bed length of 83 inches
Capacitive seat control offering personalised lounge position, independent adjustable leg rest, and massage and lumbar system
Individual 24-inch IFE with capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch gesture, video handset, widescreen, High-Definition clarity (1080p) with LED backlighting
Each seat comes with meal and cocktail table, feature light, vanity mirror, console stowage and magazine rack”

Zur Pressemitteilung: Malaysia Airlines Launches Business Suite

Schauen wir uns mal die Preise an:

Malaysia Business Suite Kuala Lumpur – Tokyo (Return): 2 013 Euro
Malaysia Business Suite Kuala Lumpur – Osaka (Return): 2 346 Euro
Malaysia Business Suite Kuala Lumpur – London (Return): 5 123 Euro

Die Flüge findet man nicht bei den OTAs oder Google Flights. Weil es so eine spezielle Klasse ist, gibt es die Flüge nur bei Malaysia selbst. Schaut man sich die Preise an, dann kann man ihnen auf dem stark umkämpften asiatischen Markt viel Glück bei ihrem neuen Konzept wünschen.

Fotos: Malaysia Airlines


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