Mit 4 Stays gibt es den Hilton Gold. Die MVP Promo Rates bringen eine Ersparnis …

Rabatt mit den MVP Rates

Die MVP Rates erfreuen sich doch einiger Beliebtheit. Gerade bei den US Hilton Hotels sind oft gute MVP Rates geladen.

Eigentlich sind diese Buchungsrates für Mitglieder von Sportvereinen.

“Please note: You must be an athletic administrator, athlete, or affiliated with a sports entity, sports-related company, sports group or event to be eligible. You will be asked to show credentials, such as an official business card designated with your team logo, etc.”

Auf Flyertalk wird diese Promo diskutiert. Kontrollen werden nicht berichtet. Dort gibt es auch die MVP Buchungscodes für die US Hotels: Hilton Family MVP Rate

Hilton Gold mit 4 Stays MVP Promo

Hilton Gold lässt sich eigentlich sehen:
23% der Gold Member erhalten ein einfaches Upgrade!
53% der Gold Member bekommen ein Club Zimmer!
13% der Gold Member schlafen mit Upgrade sogar in einer Suite!
(Statistik aus 1800 Upgrade Reviews)

Nach 4 Stays in 90 Tagen erhält man mit der MVP Promo den Hilton Gold.

Die Bedingungen:

“For Gold status, member must be an athletic administrator, athlete, or affiliated with a sports entity, sports related company, sports group or event and must complete four qualifying stays within 90 days of registration or enrollment. Booking should be made through designated online booking tool or approved travel professional. Offer only redeemable once for the lifetime of the promotion.
Once a member obtains Elite status, the member may keep such status for the calendar year in which the Elite tier was earned and the subsequent calendar year. Full details of member status will be sent to the member upon attaining the tier level. This offer may be terminated earlier by Hilton without notice. Bonus Points are not eligible for the elite tier qualification. In-Room Wi-Fi, Fitness Center/Health Club Access and Bottled Water benefits may not be complimentary at properties with a resort charge. Elite status benefits such as space-available upgrades and complimentary breakfast are subject to availability and vary by brand. Hampton by Hilton hotels in Mainland China are excluded from the Hilton Honors Program. All Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions apply. Hilton Honors membership, including the earning and redemption of Points, is subject to Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions. For more information, please visit”

Hilton MVP Gold Fast Track mit 4 Stays

Die Diskussion auf Flyertalk: Hilton MVP status challenge (Gold after 4 stays within 90 days)

TIPP: Alternativ und eigentlich einfacher ist der Hilton Gold mit einer Hilton Kreditkarte (DACH)! Kreditkarte abschließen und man ist Hilton Honors Gold!

Hilton Visa Kreditkarte