Royal Air Maroc wird ein volles Oneworld Mitglied …

Die Gerüchteküchen hat schon länger gekocht. Heute hat Oneworld ein neues Mitglied vorgestellt. Es ist ab 2020 Royal Air Maroc:

“Its election as a oneworld member designate was announced as the Chief Executives of the alliance’s 13 current member airlines gathered in New York for their year-end Governing Board meeting, just weeks before the alliance celebrates the 20th anniversary of its launch.
Royal Air Maroc is expected to be implemented into oneworld in mid-2020, when it will start flying alongside some of the biggest and best brands in the airline business.  Its regional subsidiary Royal Air Maroc Express will join as a oneworld affiliate member at the same time.”

Zur Pressemitteilung: Royal Air Maroc to join oneworld

Über die Integration des Loyalitätsprogrammes Safar Flyer gibt es noch keine Infos.

Foto: Oneworld

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