Bei gibt es mehr Lifemiles Meilen …

Lifemiles und geben bei Buchungen mehr Meilen. Pro USD erhält man 6 Lifemiles Meilen. (Danke:

Avianca Lifemiles werden ja hier gerne gesammelt. Wenn man jetzt nicht bei einer Kette unterwegs ist, kann man sich die Aktion ja mal ansehen.

Die Bedingungen:

“The promotion Earn LM6 per dollar is valid for reservations booked between August 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019. Only reservations booked through LifeMiles and alliance website will earn LifeMiles by clicking here: The LifeMiles number must be included during the booking process.
The miles to be accrued, as the result of the actual stay at a property will be calculated according to the accommodation total fare excluding taxes.
A member cannot change bookings made through other channels/sites to add their LifeMiles membership number and earn miles.
The process to earn LifeMiles as a result of booking the accommodation with may take up to 10 weeks after the checked-out at the property. If the member requires assistance or would like to report miles which have not been credited after this period, they could contact customer service at
Only registered customers in the LifeMiles Program are eligible for the accrual of LifeMiles miles.
It is the customer’s responsibility to correctly identify and add their LifeMiles membership number. In the event, the LifeMiles membership number is typed in incorrectly or the client does not fill their LifeMiles number in the designated fields during the booking flow LifeMiles and will not be responsible for the accrual of the calculated miles.
To earn the miles the members must stay at the properties according to the terms of the reservation. general Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings. For additional information, click here:
The miles will be accrued only if the stay is completed as reserved. No miles will be accumulated on canceled or incomplete reservations.
Promotion does not apply retroactively, that is, for reservations made before August 1, 2019.
It is not common but in some cases, the members will need to provide proof of accommodation. For this purpose, we encourage all members to keep their payment voucher, bank statement or accommodation invoice in order to correctly prove their stay and ask for the accrual of the miles earned.
Miles accrued for booking accommodation with are not eligible for LifeMiles Elite Status.
This special offer is only available to LifeMiles members and all the terms and conditions of the LifeMiles program apply. For additional information, please visit
LifeMiles is a registered trademark of LifeMiles Ltd.”

Tripple your Miles – Promo Page

Schau doch mal in der Boardingarea DE Facebook Gruppe vorbei: Vielflieger Lounge – Tipps & Tricks für Vielflieger

Diners Vintage Karte im ersten Jahr kostenlos!
+ kostenloser Zugang zu 850 Lounges
(bei 3 600 Euro Umsatz im Jahr; maximal 24 Besuche)
+ riesiges Versicherungspaket
+ auch für Deutschland
+ erstes Jahr kostenlos!

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