In Rom gelten neue Touristen-Regeln …

Italienische Städte sind stark von Overtourism betroffen. Rom versucht seit Jahren mit strengen Gesetzen eine gewisse Richtung vorzugeben.  Seit Juni gibt es wieder neue Regeln. Die werden seit letzter Woche strenger vollzogen. Zunächst wird gewarnt, dann wird bestraft und kann sogar zum Rauswurf aus Rom führen.

Kein Kampieren, Sitzen auf Sehenswürdigkeiten, Baden in Brunnen, Alk Touren und Zerstörung der Stadt:

“Among the main innovations is the application of so-called Daspi Urbano , extent of the law expected from February 2017, with which the auditors, in collaboration with the prefect, may penalize the subject and then forbid access for 48 hours in certain areas of the city.
In case of relapse, the culprit will be reported to the Quaestor that can dispense the Daspi up to 60 days.
prohibitions and sanctions are finally regulated for those who decide to take a bath in one of the historic fountains of Rome or use them improperly (throw objects, sversarvi liquids or substances, immerse yourself animals, damaging them, climb, climb, lie down on them putting in conduct incompatible with their natural destination). Among subject to the ban include fountains Trevi Fountain, the Fountain of the Lions in Piazza del Popolo, the Four Rivers in Piazza di Spagna, the ‘Fontanone’ of the Janiculum and many other provided in the list annexed to the Regulation). Expected application of DASP 48 hours.
The protection, to varying degrees, also concerns the so-called noses of Rome (public fountains), in order to preserve them from damage and misuse. Is expressly excluded from the ban, however, the tradition of throwing coins in some historical fountains, such as the Trevi Fountain.
Some rules relate to the protection of the dignity of the people and for combating the phenomenon of crime of exploitation of prostitution and trafficking in human beings. Standards that aim to reduce the sense of insecurity and social unrest generated by prostitution and ensure the safety of road traffic , but also offer protection to people victims of exploitation. The new regulation prohibits the direct taking behavior unequivocally to offer sexual services, to engage in or agree performance and move away towards public place with people exercising the prostitution activities and, in addition to those already provided by the Highway Code, Perform dangerous maneuvers or obstruction of circulation.
The Capitoline Administration intends to do something to protect people involved in prostitution, they are victims of violence, exploitation, trafficking, providing “psychological interventions and reintegration support in shelters” (art. 5 paragraph 3).
For customers, the administrative sanction (art. 7-bis of Legislative Decree 18 August 2000, n. 267, resulting from the violations referred to in paragraph 1), applies to the minimum extent if the party responsible for a member of a project to raise awareness to the issues contrast to prostitution and trafficking, the minimum duration of 4 compulsory meetings, organized by Roma Capitale (article 5 paragraph 4).
Daspi and sanctions for customers and for those who adopt obscene behaviors, already provided for in Decree Minniti mode.
The final rules also affect some activities not compatible with the decorum of the historical and artistic protected by Unesco within the Historic Center. The bans were adjusted, in the past, with temporary ordinances that it is no longer possible to issue, because phenomena like the one of the centurions , the saltafila and illegal vendors of food or drinks on the street are no longer occasional or sporadic, but rooted. Hence the need to make major structural their discipline.
For centurions vigerà the operating ban on all activities that, under offer or cash consideration, also agreed at the time, it sets the commodification of their own or another person as a photographic subject even with old clothing or costumes in general in the areas of historical interest , art and monuments of the capital, in the Unesco site and Villa Borghese .
For saltafila , the same sites, in public places or open to the public, are prohibited from brokerage activities and promotion of tourist tours, the sale of tickets for museums, theaters and cultural and tourist events, the promotion of commercial activities, exercises for the administration of food and beverages, as well as any other business activities that are not expressly authorized and resulting from the qualifying title .
For illegal vendors of food and drinks on the road, to protect public health and to counter illegal phenomena known, in public places and open to the public of Rome Capital, the offer and sale of food and beverages is prohibited by unauthorized parties . All these activities provide for the application of the DASP.
Prohibition of the transport of persons by means of cycles, type rickshaw or eco-taxi driver, three or more wheels, also assisted pedal or equipped with auxiliary electric motor. The ban is valid in the main streets and squares of the old town, pending the municipal regulations.
A special protection concerns Unesco Site, declared the city a World Heritage area. Are there anti-graffiti sanctions against those who smear and marred the valuable monuments and architectural heritage of the city. In addition to criminal charges, the Regulation also provides that those responsible for these acts ensures that at restoring sites and monuments damaged according to the current rules of civil law.
Moreover They enter the Regulations measures to protect the dignity of some sensitive places such as schools, hospitals, universities, museums, areas used as public parks, or otherwise subject to substantial tourist flow, where you can take action against individuals and activities that prevent its use .
Valid also the rules anti-camp, and those that punish those who leave cigarette butts on public land, water, sewage.
The Regulation provides, when not authorized, is forbidden to distribute, post and expose leaflets, stickers and the like on public goods, but also of lighting poles and road signs.
Finally, it is prohibited rovistaggio and the removal of waste, both from bins and bins that by conferring sites.
They settle certain rules throughout the year, and not just in the summer months, which concern the consumption, administration, retail and takeaway alcohol. They thus become definitive rules that intend to protect public peace and limit the phenomena due to negative behaviors related to excessive consumption of alcohol, especially outdoors (risk to their own and others’ safety, vandalism, use of glass and related dangers, etc. .).
Stop also at the Pub-Craw l, so-called tour liquor. The rules provide for a specific ban on the organization and sponsorship of trails exclusively aimed at alcohol consumption in bars, pubs and wine bars.
Notwithstanding the possibility conferred by law to the mayor, to establish an order specific prohibitions and limitations, the Regulation establishes the following times for alcohol consumption:
1. – hours 22:00 to 7:00, prohibited the sale of alcoholic drinks and spirits by anyone proves authorized to retail, to take away, as well as through vending machines and in activities of administration of foods and drinks;
2. – hours 22:00 to 7:00: in public or open roads to public transit and green areas unfenced, prohibited the consumption of any beverage in glass containers;
3. – hours 23:00 to 7:00: in public streets or open to public transit and green areas unfenced, prohibited the consumption of alcoholic drinks and spirits in any kind of container;
4. – hours 3:00 to 7:00: prohibited the administration of alcoholic drinks and spirits by anyone proves authorized the administration itself and in private circles, even in outdoor areas pertaining to such spaces.
On the occasion of specific events and authorized city events you can determine changes in hours of sale and administration of alcoholic beverages, upon notice to the Public Safety and respecting the limits set by current legislation.”

Die Kommune Rom: Urban Police, shall enter into force the new Regulation


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