British Airways Executive Club verdoppelt eure Avios …

British Airways hat eine Executive Club Promo gestartet und verdoppelt die Base Points. Die Bedingungen sind eigentlich sehr easy.

Die Kurzfassung der Bedingungen:

“What’s a Qualifying Flight?
A Qualifying Flight is a single leg of a journey that departs from one location and lands in another, e.g. Edinburgh to London.
They can be booked as a one way, returns, multi trip bookings or as part of a holiday, where each individual leg counts towards the maximum of ten flights.
One-way example: New York–London with no return would be one Qualifying Flight.
Return example: New York-London-New York would be two Qualifying Flights.
Multi Trip example: New York-London-Edinburgh-London-New York would be four Qualifying Flights
When do I need to register by?
You must register between 18 September and 13 December 2019 at the offer page before booking and follow the “Register now” link provided. Registration must take place before booking in order to qualify. A “thank you” message will be displayed to confirm that your registration has been successful.
When will I receive my double Avios?
You’ll automatically be awarded double Avios 24-48 hours after the completion of each flight, up to a maximum of ten.
I’ve booked multiple flights, which flights will receive double Avios?
Double Avios is awarded on the first ten Qualifying Flights that are flown post registering and booking. The order of booking does not determine the order in which Qualifying Flights are awarded.

Seeing double?

Für ältere Flüge gilt folgende Kulanzregel:

“If you’ve already booked in our Sale, and you’d like to collect double Avios on your existing bookings, simply let us know by using the form below. You will still need to register, and all Double Avios Terms and Conditions still apply.
Only bookings submitted in this form, that were made from the 29 August 2019 and 18 September 2019 will be considered for awarding. If you have more than four qualifying booking references, please submit the form again with the different references. If there are any issues with your request, someone from the Executive Club will be in touch.
If you haven’t made any bookings, and wish to make a booking in our Sale, simply register to the bonus Avios offer before you make your booking and no further action will be required.”

Already booked in our Sale?

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