Air China hat die Fristen verlängert …

Air China hat uns in der letzten Zeit sehr brav mit guten Deals versorgt. Nun mit dem Koronavirus-Ausbruch hat man sehr großzügige Storno Regeln veröffentlicht.

Man hat nun die Fristen erweitert. Nun müssen die Tickets “nur” vor dem 28.01. gekauft worden sein.

Die Storno- und Umbuchungsregeln für Air China:

“In order to implement the requirements of Civil Aviation Administration of China and continue with the joint prevention and control of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia, Air China has made the following adjustments to the free refund rules to help passengers better plan their trips:
I. Applicable Tickets
All tickets with a ticket number beginning with “999” (including mileage award tickets) purchased before 0:00 AM on January 28, 2020 for Air China operated flights or CA-coded codeshare flights that have a travel date later than January 1, 2020 (inclusive).
II. Ticket Handling Rules
1. The tickets are valid for one year from the date of issuance. Any applicable tickets as defined above can be refunded free of charge within the validity period of one year as long as the refund is requested before the departure of the flight. We kindly ask the passengers to apply for refunds outside of peak periods.
2. Passengers can apply for refunds through the original channels where they purchased the tickets. Tickets purchased through the Air China website, app or WeChat applet can be directly refunded in the original order.
3. Air China will keep a close watch on the epidemic updates and make timely adjustments to the flights. To make better use of the transport capacity during the Spring Festival, we kindly ask the passengers to apply for refunds before the departure of the flight. If you have decided to cancel your trip, please cancel your check-in seat as soon as possible through the original check-in channels to avoid wasting the resources and to ensure the seat availability to other passengers who still need to travel.
4. The rules are effective immediately and supersede the previous Notes on Free Refund for Air China Flight Tickets.
The passengers’ safety has always been Air China’s top priority and we will respond quickly to the requirements of the authorities and provide services and support to the passengers on the shortest notice. Thank you for your understanding and support!
Air China 24-Hour Passenger Service Hotline: +86-10-95583″

Hier mehr: Notes on Adjustments to Free Refund Rules of Air China Flight Tickets

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