British Airways Executive Club verringert mal für einige Statusmitglieder die Bedingungen um 30% …

British Airways Executive Club hat aufgrund der aktuellen Situation eine Kulanzregelung rausgebracht. Kunden mit Ablauf des Mitgliedsjahres (genauer Tier Point collection year) im April, Mai oder Juni haben 30% niedrigere Hürden.

“Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Executive Club Tier Flexibility Policy
We understand the substantial impact these unprecedented times are having on the lives of our Executive Club Members. We have taken steps to protect the Tier status and well-earned benefits of our Members.
We’ll be lowering Tier Point thresholds by 30% for all Members due for Tier upgrade or renewal in April, May and June. This results in lower Tier qualification thresholds as laid out below
Bronze: 210 Tier Points
Silver: 420 Tier Points
Gold: 1050 Tier Points
To ensure our Members still have the opportunity to use their Gold Upgrade Vouchers, Companion Vouchers and Travel Together Tickets earned via a British Airways credit card, we’re applying a six-month expiration extension to any current vouchers.
The situation is constantly changing, which is why we’re continuously reviewing our policy and will communicate any updates.”

Gilt nur bei Mitgliedern mit Ende des Mitgliedsjahres (genauer Tier Point collection year) im April, Mai oder Juni:

“My Tier Point collection year ends in July 2020 or thereafter. Does the Tier Flexibility apply to me?
The Tier Flexibility policy only applies to Members due for renewal in April, May and June 2020. We understand that the situation is constantly changing, which is why we are continuously reviewing our policies and will be in touch with any changes that are applicable to your membership in the future. There is no need to contact us.”

Hier mehr: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Executive Club Tier Flexibility Policy

Ob das reichen wird, das ist fraglich. Andere Airlines zeigen sich großzügiger.

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