SUPER: Qantas verlängert Status um ein Jahr

Qantas führt eine Statusverlängerung für ein Jahr ein …

Wenn nichts fliegt, kann man auch keinen Status erneuern. Das checken nun immer mehr Airlines. Qantas macht eine sehr nette Statusverlängerung um ein Jahr. So gehört sich das und ist wirklich kundenfreundlich.

Die Infos:

“The impacts of Coronavirus are unprecedented and continue to evolve on a daily basis. Among the many impacts, we know your travel plans have been affected. We appreciate the need for flexibility during this time and the importance of preserving the travel benefits that you’ve earned through your loyalty to us.
To give you one less thing to worry about right now, if you are eligible, your Qantas Frequent Flyer status will automatically be extended for 12 months, as at March 2020.
What does status extension mean?
To provide peace of mind when it comes to your Frequent Flyer status, Qantas will ensure that eligible Qantas Frequent Flyer members with a membership year anniversary date between March 2020 and February 2021 will automatically retain their current status, even if they have not already retained in their own right.
Who is eligible for complimentary 12-month status extension?
All Platinum One, Platinum, Gold and Silver Qantas Frequent Flyer members who have not earned the required Status Credits to retain in their own right. This includes members on Status Hold, members who have received complimentary Gold membership, or complimentary Platinum membership from a Platinum One member.
Am I eligible to get my status extended even if I have not reached the four flight count minimum rule?
Yes, the four Qantas Group flight rule will be waived for members who’ve not earned the required Status Credits to retain status in their own right.
Do I need to register to get my status extended?
No, we will automatically extend your status by the dates below. We will take care of everything and there is no need to call the contact centre.
When will my status be extended?
The extension will be actioned in two phases – if your membership year ends:
between March and June 2020, it will be automatically extended by 27 March 2020; and
between July 2020 and February 2021, it will be automatically extended by 9 April 2020.
The processing date for the 12 month status extension cannot be changed.
Once Qantas has extended your status, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your preferred email address on your Qantas Frequent Flyer account. You will also then be able to view your new status expiry date on the digital card in the Qantas App. To view it in the Qantas App, click on ‘My QFF’ and then the card icon top right hand corner of the screen. The status extension expiry date will not reflect on status page until the start of your new Membership Year.
Where can I see my Membership Year end date?
You can view your Membership Year end date on your current membership card. If you don’t have a membership card you can also view your Membership Year end date at via My Account or the Qantas App.
Once logged in at simply navigate to the ‘Status Activity’ page. Your Membership Year end date is displayed next to your Status Credit information. If using the Qantas App simply click on ‘My QFF’ and ‘Learn More’.
What date will my status be extended to?
You can view the key dates that apply for your membership on the below table:
Your current Membership Year end date: Your status will be extended by Qantas to: New Frequent Flyer card will be sent you:
31 March 2020 31 March 2021 Mid March 2020
30 April 2020 30 April 2021 Mid April 2020
31 May 2020 31 May 2021 Mid May 2020
30 June 2020 30 June 2021 Mid June 2020
31 July 2020 31 July 2021 Mid July 2020
31 August 2020 31 August 2021 Mid August 2020
30 September 2020 30 September 2021 Mid September 2020
31 October 2020 31 October 2021 Mid October 2020
30 November 2020 30 November 2021 Mid November 2020
31 December 2020 31 December 2021 Mid December 2020
31 January 2021 31 January 2022 Mid January 2021
28 February 2021 28 February 2022 Mid February 2021
What happens if I’ve already retained my status, will it still be extended by 12 months?
No. If you’ve already retained your status then you will automatically enjoy your current benefits for the rest of your Membership Year another 12 months. Status extension will not apply.
Is Qantas providing assistance to members to help them reach a higher Status?
No. The Qantas status extension is to assist members to retain their current status and benefits if they have not earned the required Status Credits to retain. We will continue to review the impacts of Coronavirus and assess how we can continue to support our members, and keep Status Credits within reach through a series of offers from our program partners.
Is it still possible to move up to a higher status level (e.g. Gold to Platinum) if I earn the required Status Credits?
Yes. Once you earn the required Status Credits and travel on at least four Qantas Group flights within a Membership Year, your status will be upgraded in line with the program terms and conditions.
When Qantas extends my status as part of this change, will my Status Credits reset to zero?
No. Your annual Status Credit total will only reset to zero at the end of your current Membership Year. The 12 month status extension will not change this.
Can my current Status Credits be carried forward to my next Membership Year?
No. Any Status Credits you have earned so far in this Membership Year will reset at your current Membership Year end date.
Will the status extension impact the Loyalty Bonus and other Bonus Rewards calculations?
No. There’s no change to the calculation and awarding of any Bonus Rewards that are earned. You will continue to receive Bonus Rewards during your membership year if the eligibility criteria is met.
Will I receive a new membership card?
Your new physical card will be sent automatically to you at the end of your current Membership Year; you can continue to use your existing card until then. Once we have actioned the extension, you will see your new status expiry date on your digital membership card in the Qantas App. To view it in the Qantas App, please click on ‘My QFF’ and then the card icon top right hand corner of the screen.
Can I request a new physical card with the new status expiry date?
No. The updated status expiry date will not be updated on the physical card until the end of your current Membership Year. Qantas will automatically send you a new card at the end of your current Membership Year. Please ensure your preferred mailing address on your Qantas Frequent Flyer account is up to date.
Can I continue to use my existing Qantas Travel Money card?
Yes. Your existing Qantas Travel Money card can be used until you receive and activate your new card. Your new membership card will be sent to you during your membership anniversary month.
If I have earned the required Status Credits to retain my status in my own right, when will I receive my new card?
As per standard processing, you will receive your new membership card in the last month of your current Membership Year.
My membership anniversary date is in March 2020, so while the extension will take my membership year to March 2021, I still may not be able to fly for much of this year. Will Qantas consider additional support to help me retain next year?
The situation is constantly evolving, as is our response. We will review whether additional support is required closer to the time.
If I booked a flight under the February 2020 Double Status Credits offer and I am no longer travelling, will Qantas honour the Qantas Points and Status Credit earn?
No. Qantas Points and Status Credits will only be awarded for eligible flights flown.”

Hier mehr: Status Extension

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