Die strengste Airline – Air Astana: PCR Test, Social Distancing, Temperatur Check und Maske

Air Astana hat sich äußerst strikte Maßnahmen zur Verhinderung einer Covid-19 Infektion gegeben …

Air Astana hat den Flugbetrieb von Astana nach Almaty aufgenommen. Die Airline hat sich dabei die strengsten Maßnahmen weltweit verpasst: PCR Test (muß vorher gemacht werden), Social Distancing, Temperatur Check, Maske, verpacktes Catering und eingeschränktes Handgepäck. (Danke: Cariverga.com)

Die Infos:

“1. Social Distancing – no passenger will sit directly next to the other on board of the aircraft. In case of increased demand, the aircraft type will be upgraded to provide the capacity required for safe travel. Passengers will be also required to keep social distance (1 meter) during check-in, screening, boarding and disembarkation. The Shanyrak Business Class lounge will not operate in Nur-Sultan.
2. Medical Certificate Requirement – to be able to travel, all passengers are required to have a valid medical clearance certificate saying that their PCR test result is negative (the certificate is valid for 7 days from the date of issue).
Please note PCR tests and certification should be made in advance of arrival at the airport with any costs to be paid by the customer. PCR tests are available to be booked here.
3. Temperature check – all passengers will have a non-contact temperature check upon arrival at the airports.
4. Personal protective equipment – all passengers are required to bring their own masks and wear them properly before, during and after the flight. Catering will be provided in disposable dishes in both Economy and Business class. Passengers will be asked to put their masks back on after having a meal. A personal hand sanitizer is recommended.
5. Limited Baggage – passengers are allowed to have check-in and hand baggage under the usual dimensions; however restrictions of the following additional items will apply:
1) 1 overcoat or similar item or blanket;
2) 1 small handbag;
3) 1 small camera or binoculars;
4) reading material;
5) musical instruments.
6. Passengers are required to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure.”

Die Info Page: Travel Safety Measures for Flights between Nur-Sultan and Almaty from 1 May 2020

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Air Baltic Club verlängert Status um halbes Jahr

Air Baltic Club verlängert Status um halbes Jahr

Air Baltic Club Statusinhaber erhalten den Status ein halbes Jahr länger

PCR Test am Flughafen Wien möglich – Damit keine Quarantäne bei Einreise notwendig!

PCR Test am Flughafen Wien möglich – Damit keine Quarantäne bei Einreise notwendig!

Mit einem negativen PCR Test am Flughafen Wien ist eine Einreise ohne Quarantäne

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