Nun gibt es doch eine 14-tägige Selbstquarantäne für das Vereinigte Königreich …

Die Sache an sich hat man schon länger angekündigt. Nun scheint es fix. Mit 08.06. fordert das Vereinigte Königreich eine 14-tägige Selbstquarantäne bei Einreise. Bürger Irlands und der Kanalinseln werden ausgenommen. Bestimmte Gastarbeiter (z. B. Erntehelfer) dürfen die 14-tägige Quarantäne am Arbeitsplatz absolvieren. Sonst sind noch LKW Fahrer und ein paar spezielle Berufsgruppen ausgenommen. Für Touristen gilt aber ab 08.06. eine 14-tägige Selbstquarantäne. Auch für Reisende über Frankreich (die Ausnahme war ein Gerücht).

Die Infos:

“They include 14 days’ self-isolation for anyone entering the UK, bar a short list of exemptions.
As the transmission rate in the UK falls, and the number of travellers arriving in the UK begins to increase in the coming months, imported cases may pose a larger threat as they could become a higher proportion of the overall number of infections in the UK and increase the spread of the disease.’
We need to take action to manage the risk of transmission from this group.
The measures outlined by the Home Secretary include:
Contact locator form
All arriving passengers will be required to fill this in to provide contact and travel information so they can be contacted if they, or someone they may have been in contact with develops the disease.
Self isolation
Passengers arriving in the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and could be contacted regularly throughout this period to ensure compliance.
Anyone failing to comply with the mandatory conditions may face enforcement action. A breach of self-isolation would be punishable with a £1,000 fixed penalty notice in England or potential prosecution and unlimited fine. The level of fine could increase if the risk of infection from abroad increases. The Devolved Administrations will set out their own enforcement approaches.
Spot checks
Border Force will undertake checks at the border and may refuse entry to any non-British citizen who refuses to comply with these regulations and isn’t resident in the UK. Failure to complete the form is also punishable by a £100 fixed penalty notice. Public health authorities will conduct random checks in England to ensure compliance with self-isolation requirements. Removal from the country would be considered as a last resort for foreign nationals who refuse to comply with these public health measures.”

Mehr Infos auf der UK Regierungsseite: Home Secretary announces new public health measures for all UK arrivals

Ob man mit negativen Covid-19 Test auch in Quarantäne muss, das ist noch ungeklärt. Viele Länder mit der Praxis 14-tägigen Heimquarantäne bieten diese Abkürzung an.

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