Etihad bietet den Covid-19 Test vor Abreise nun auch zu Hause …

Wer vor der Abreise in bestimmte Länder einen Covid-19 Test vorweisen muss, bekommt nun bei Etihad in den VAE ein sehr bequemes Angebot. Man kann den Covid-19 Test zu Hause durchführen lassen. Über die Kosten schweigt sich Etihad leider aus.

“Etihad Airways is now collaborating with Mediclinic Middle East, part of private hospital group, Mediclinic International, to offer its UAE-based travellers a convenient COVID-19 PCR testing service at their home, or at a Mediclinic facility, prior to their travel. This development is part of the airline’s Etihad Wellness sanitisation and safety programme, recently introduced to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at every stage of the customer journey.
Some destinations may require a negative COVID-19 PCR test result before departure. All travellers are advised to check for specific destination requirements. Guests travelling to all Etihad Airways destinations can also make use of the Mediclinic service, as well as those crossing the Abu Dhabi border from other emirates to reach Abu Dhabi International Airport. …
Simple and convenient booking process:
Guest books a flight at
Guest contacts Mediclinic to arrange an appointment.
Call: 800 2022
Guests can complete a PCR test at one of the Mediclinic facilities in the UAE or arrange a home visit. Test results will be received within 24 hours of the test swab reaching the laboratory:
Negative result: Ready to travel. Guest should print the test result and proceed to check-in for their flight. Our check-in agent at Abu Dhabi Airport will review your negative result before completing check-in.
Positive result: You are unable to travel and will need to rearrange your flight for a future date. The Department of Health will be informed and you will be required to follow strict quarantine guidelines in the UAE.
Note: Many destinations will require the test to be conducted at a specific time before travel. Etihad recommends that an appointment takes place a minimum of 48 hours prior to travel.”

Zur Pressemitteilung: Etihad Airways joins forces with Mediclinic for convenient home PCR testing

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