Hotelgäste bei Accor erhalten die Möglichkeit einer kostenlosen ärztlichen Beratung …

Meine Leser werden Reisekrankenversicherungen haben. Trotzdem gibt es bei einem Accor Stay ein neues Feature. Man bietet für Hotelgäste kostenlose Beratungsgespräche mit einem Arzt. Das telefonische Beratungsgespräch ist kostenlos, eine echte Konsultation muss bezahlt werden:

“For non-urgent medical needs during your stay, for example if you are feeling unwell, forgot a prescription or wish to get medical advice:
1) Contact the reception desk to let the team know you would like to consult a medical professional.
2) Reception will give you the option of a free telephone consultation[1] or access to a selection of AXA-certified healthcare providers for a face-to-face consultation[2].
Telephone consultation
-> If you choose a telephone consultation, an English or French[3]-speaking General Practitioner will call you on your mobile[1]. In most countries, a prescription can be delivered if necessary.
Why use this service?
If you wish to speak to a doctor quickly from your hotel room.
Telephone consultation is suitable for any non-urgent medical need, including if you suspect you might be suffering from COVID-19 without any severe symptoms.
Face-to-face consultation
-> If you would prefer a face-to-face consultation with an AXA-certified local healthcare provider, reception will give you the contact details of medical professionals (e.g. dentists, general practitioners), best matching your needs in terms of desired language and availability. You can then choose a practitioner and book an appointment[2].
Why use this service?
If you wish to consult a doctor in person.
All selected medical professionals within the AXA network speak at least English in addition to the local language,
All providers within the AXA medical network undergo a strict selection process and continuous monitoring.”

Die Info Page: 24-hour medical assistance for non-urgent situations

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