Denver Airport mit einem kontaktreduzierten Weg durch den Airport …

Mit VeriFly liefert Denver einen Weg durch den Airport ohne viele soziale Kontakte. Eine eigene Sicherheitskontrolle und ein abgesperrter Airport-Zug mit weniger Gästen sind die Hauptfeatures. Man bucht sich für den Weg zum Flugzeug ein Zeitfenster. Der Service ist kostenlos.

Die Infos:

“VeriFLY is a new airport experience that brings less contact and congestion, and more safety and speed. It is only available at DEN and is perfect for health-conscious passengers looking for a little more confidence in their journey through the airport. Passengers at higher risk of contracting illnesses are encouraged to take advantage of this free program, which allows you to make a reservation to access a dedicated TSA screening lane and a reserved limited-capacity train car to the concourse. Check out our Quick Start Guide and download the VeriFLY app now to get started.
It’s easy to get started and all starts with the VeriFLY app. All you need is yourself and your personal mobile device. Just download the VeriFLY app, create an account, and reserve a 15-minute window before your travel date. On the day of your flight, arrive at the VeriFLY lane at the south screening checkpoint at your reserved time. A touchless, electronic gate will scan your access code and you will then proceed through TSA screening (standard and PreCheck lanes available).
With VeriFLY, you reserve a specific time to enter the VeriFLY TSA screening lane (standard and PreCheck lanes available). Once you zip through the security checkpoint, VeriFLY allows you to access a reserved train car with a limited number of VeriFLY travelers – ensuring a socially distance ride to the concourses among fellow health-conscious travelers.
VeriFLY allows you to move through key elements of the airport with less contact and congestion and more safety and speed. VeriFLY access is granted to travelers who complete a health and temperature screening on the day of travel. Once arriving at the airport, travelers will complete a temperature check prior to security screening. Face masks or coverings are mandatory.”

Zur VeriFlY Page: Reach New Heights for Traveler Safety and Comfort

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