Qatar Airways veröffentlicht Zahlen, wie viele Passagiere und Flugbegleiter positiv sind zw. sich angesteckt haben …

Qatar Airways ist die ganze Krise stoisch durchgeflogen. Da hat man doch einige Zahlen und Erfahrungen gesammelt.

  • Seit man die Plastikschilde und die Sicherheitsuniformen eingeführt hat, stecken sich die Flugbegleiter nicht mehr an.
  • Unter 1% der Flüge haben einen Covid-19 positiven Passagier an Bord
  • Das geringe Risiko einer Übertragung im Flugzeug kombiniert mit den wenigen positiven Passagieren ergibt ein geringeres Risiko.

Die Infos:

“Qatar Airways reports extremely low numbers of COVID-19 cases on board its aircraft after operating more than 4.6 million passenger flown sectors and over 33 billion revenue passenger kilometres on more than 37,000 COVID-19-free flights across the globe since February 2020.
The success of the airline’s robust COVID-19 monitoring, detection and hygiene programme has resulted in more than 99.988 per cent of passengers travelling COVID-19-free on board, with significantly less than one per cent of passengers confirmed to have tested positive by local authorities following a Qatar Airways flight.
In addition to this, significantly less than one per cent (0.002%) of operating cabin crew have been affected on board to date, with no new cases recorded since the airline introduced its full PPE in-flight uniform in May 2020, as well as the inclusion of passenger face shields on all flights.
Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “These latest statistics are a clear indication that, with the adoption of the right measures such as meticulous on-board safety, hygiene and social distancing procedures in place at airports, and compliance with the testing and entry requirements of local authorities, air travel does not need to be a source of concern to passengers.
“From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced the most rigorous and stringent virus monitoring, detection and on-board hygiene programme in existence within the global aviation community. As an industry, we want to ensure the recovery of commercial aviation by encouraging passengers to feel confident that they are safe and protected, from departure to arrival, with all airlines.
“Our risk-based approach has seen us adopt a number of additional measures such as the introduction of PCR testing for passengers departing from ‘high risk’ countries, and the use of the most advanced HEPA air filtration systems on board our aircraft, wherever possible. This is in addition to the recent introduction of Honeywell’s Ultraviolet Cabin System, operated by Qatar Aviation Services, as an additional step in the cleaning of our aircraft and yet more evidence of Qatar Airways commitment to enhancing its safety practices. We have also done everything possible to protect our crew and employees from exposure to infection, with specialist onboard infection prevention training and the introduction of full PPE in-flight uniform in May completely eradicating this risk to date.
“As a result of these important measures we are able to report that 99.988 per cent of the more than 4.6 million passenger flown sectors operated have been COVID-19-free on board our aircraft since February 2020. In addition, significantly less than one per cent of Qatar Airways’ more than 37,000 flights have been confirmed to have carried an infected passenger. Given the extremely low numbers of cases travelling on flights and the even lower risk of transmission, with a recent IATA study finding 1 in 27 million travellers had contracted COVID-19 on board a flight, passengers can travel with peace of mind with the knowledge that flying continues to be the safest form of travel.”

Zur Pressemitteilung: Qatar Airways’ Data Demonstrates the Safety of Air Travel as More Than 99.988% of its Passengers Travel COVID-19-free

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