Das Mitmachen bei der Umfragepage e-Rewards bringt für Neukunden nach der ersten Umfrage 800 Avios …

British Airways Executive Cub hat eine Promo für die e-Rewards Umfragepage gestartet. Neukunden erhalten nach der ersten Umfrage 800 Avios.

ACHTUNG: e-Rewards schickt dann ständig Aufforderungen für Umfragen!

Die Kurzbeschreibung:

“Complete your first survey with e-Rewards® between 1 November and 15 December 2020 and collect 800 bonus Avios.”

Die Bedingungen:

“This promotion is only open to Eligible Participants. An Eligible Participant is a person aged 18 or over and is a British Airways Executive Club (“BAEC”) Member (membership Terms and Conditions apply).
By taking part in this promotion, Eligible Participants confirm that they accept these Terms and Conditions.
800 Avios offer available to newly enrolled e-Rewards members who enrol during the promotional period (1 November – 15 December 2020) and who complete their first survey within 60 days of enrolling.
The 800 Avios bonus offer will be available upon completion of the first survey and will be presented as a “FREE Bonus Reward” in the Reward Centre.
This reward must be claimed through the Reward Centre within your e-Rewards account and will not be credited to your British Airways Executive Club account automatically.
British Airways plc shall not be liable for any costs, claims, damages or loss occasioned by any failure however caused, to fulfil the terms of the promotion.
The number of surveys available is dependent upon your e-Rewards account preferences and the number of Opinion Points offered depends on the length and topic of each survey.
British Airways plc is not responsible for distribution of surveys and so cannot guarantee that you will receive a survey within the initial 60 day period.
Opinion Points redeemed for Avios will be credited to your account within 35 days of redemption.
See e-Rewards.com full Terms and Conditions.
This promotion is provided by Dynata and having its registered office: Dynata Global UK Limited, Devon House, 58 St. Katharines Way, London, E1W 1LP.”

Share your thoughts and collect 800 bonus Avios

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