Mit einem Air Europa Meilensale günstige Business Flüge nach Südamerika realisieren …

Air Europa Suma bietet den nächsten Meilensale. Man kauft Meilen mit bis zu 60% Bonus. Damit lassen sich günstige Business Tickets nach Nord- und Südamerika realisieren. (Danke:

Die Bedingungen:

“To purchase or gift Miles, the customer must have been a member of the SUMA Programme for at least 60 days.
Invoices will not be issued for the transactions made.
BUY or GIFT Miles paid by VISA SUMA card receive a 20% bonus in Miles in all tranches indicated (* Visa Air Europa SUMA promotion can not be combined with any other promotion).
The price of the Miles is offered in € regardless of the country of purchase or that of the customer’s residence. Each customer will receive the charge on their credit card in the currency which their Credit card operates in, at the corresponding exchange rate with the Euro.
BUY or GIFT Miles can be carried out in multiples of 1,000 Miles and in the tranches indicated.
There is no limit to the number of BUY or GIFT transactions you can carry out, there is only a limit to the number of Miles you can trade per calendar year.
The acceptance of the payment transaction is subject to authorisation by POINTS.
Miles are credited online to customer account.
To carry out BUY, GIFT transaction customer must provide SUMA Card number or email and PASSWORD.
To carry out a GIFT Miles transaction the customer must provide the SUMA card number of the recipient.
BUY or GIFT transactions once confirmed to customer by mail cannot be reversed, cancelled or refunded.
Miles credited through BUY or GIFT transactions are not considered LEVEL Miles, and therefore do not count towards upgrade or maintenance of SUMA card Elite levels.
Transactions made will not be subject to VAT tax.”

Die Höchstmenge:

100 000 Meilen + 60 000 Meilen Bonus = 160 000 Meilen: 1 500 Euro

Buy Suma Miles

Mit dem Sale lassen sich ein paar lustige Dinge anstellen. Für die Business Oneway von Madrid nach Montevideo will man 64 000 Meilen (Oneway) oder nach Miami nur 51 000 Meilen. Mit geringen Steuern und Gebühren ergibt sich ein Business Oneway Deal von Spanien nach Miami um ca. 500 Euro. Nach Südamerika fliegt man um 650 Euro Business (Oneway).

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