Bei Flying Blue bietet man auch 2021 eine Statusverlängerung …

Bei Flying Blue gibt es 2021 aus Kulaznz eine neue Statusverlängerung.

Die Infos:

“In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, we made a promise to you in 2020 to maintain your status and protect your surplus XP, and we are now renewing that promise for 2021!
We hope that this year will bring new opportunities to travel with us again. To at least give you peace of mind about your Flying Blue status, we are renewing our promise to maintain your current level for a further period, so you can enjoy your benefits whenever the time is right. Additionally, we are extending our previous surplus XP support measure, to give you the same head start as you had before.
So, for our Elite members with a qualification period ending between March 2021 and December 2021:
We will continue to maintain your level for a further period.
We will continue to protect your surplus XP.”


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