American baut AAdvantage Statusprogramm um

Bei American Airlines wird das AAdvantage Programm massiv verändert …

American AAdvantage verlängert mal allgemein den Status bis März 2022. Gleichzeitig wird das Statusprogramm stark verändert.

Die Infos:

“American is eliminating complicated elite qualifying metrics, introducing Loyalty Points where one qualifying AAdvantage® mile earned equals one Loyalty Point.
In a newly redesigned loyalty program, AAdvantage members can earn status by flying, using an AAdvantage credit card or spending with an AAdvantage partner.
Members can unlock Loyalty Choice Rewards when they earn Platinum Pro status or higher and fly at least 30 flights on American or qualifying partner airlines.
FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines is redesigning its award-winning AAdvantage® loyalty program, ridding it of complicated elite qualifying metrics for an easy-to-understand point system that provides multiple ways to earn status. In 2022, AAdvantage members can earn status by flying, using an AAdvantage credit card for purchases or spending with an AAdvantage partner.

Achieving AAdvantage status
For every qualifying AAdvantage mile earned, members will earn one Loyalty Point. Here’s how to earn points:
Members can earn Loyalty Points by flying on American or one of its eligible partner airlines.
You can also earn Loyalty Points when you use an AAdvantage credit card for purchases.
Don’t fly often, no problem. Join fellow AAdvantage members who will earn Loyalty Points every year just by shopping online or dining out.
AAdvantage 2022 status requirements
Status Loyalty Points
Gold 30,000
Platinum 75,000
Platinum Pro 125,000
Executive Platinum 200,000
Extending status and a chance to double dip
To thank our members for their continued loyalty, American is extending all current members AAdvantage status through March 31, 2022.
And members can also double dip as any qualifying activity earned in January and February will count towards both 2022 and 2023 AAdvantage status. This gives members an extra two months to earn elite status for both years.
In the future, members will qualify for status from March through February, with status valid through March 31 of the following year.”

Zur Pressemitteilung: American Airlines Reimagines Its AAdvantage Loyalty Program Giving Members More Ways to Earn Status

Genauere Infos:

What are Loyalty Points?
Loyalty Points are the new way members will track their qualification toward reaching AAdvantage® status starting in 2022. Loyalty Points replace the Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs), Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs), and Elite Qualifying Segments (EQSs) used to qualify for status.
How do I earn Loyalty Points?
As an AAdvantage® member, you’ll earn Loyalty Points as you earn eligible AAdvantage® miles. One eligible AAdvantage® mile equals one Loyalty Point.
Which AAdvantage® miles count toward earning Loyalty Points?
In the air: All base miles earned from flying on Loyalty Point-qualifying airlines (flights marketed by American Airlines, oneworld® airlines, and JetBlue). This includes:
Basic Economy tickets on American
All status bonuses earned when flying on American Airlines and eligible partner airlines
On the ground: All base miles earned from spending with partners, such as AAdvantage® Dining, SimplyMiles™, and more
For American Airlines AAdvantage® credit cardmembers, eligible AAdvantage® miles include the base miles earned on eligible purchases using your AAdvantage® credit card, and do not include any bonus miles or accelerators
Base miles earned vary by credit card type and issuing bank. For example, most AAdvantage® credit cards earn 1 base mile per US$1 spent on eligible purchases, but some earn .5 base miles per $1 spent, others 1.5 miles or 2 miles, etc.
Every base mile equals one Loyalty Point
Which AAdvantage® miles do not count toward earning Loyalty Points?
Bonus miles earned from special promotions
Miles from Buy, Gift, Transfer transactions
Government taxes, fees, and other charges associated with buying a ticket do not count toward earning AAdvantage® miles and do not count toward earning Loyalty Points
Conversion of another program currency to AAdvantage® miles
For AAdvantage® credit cards, “accelerators” or “multipliers” such as: extra miles for purchases in specific categories, with specific merchants (such as American Airlines purchases) or purchases made abroad
AAdvantage® credit cards new account or welcome bonuses, spend bonuses, etc.
When do Loyalty Points take effect?
You’ll start earning Loyalty Points on January 1, 2022. As a special thank you, you’ll get an extra 2 months in 2022 (January 1, 2022 – February 28, 2022) to earn Loyalty Points toward qualifying for status in 2023. Going forward, the normal qualification period will start on March 1 each year.
When will I see Loyalty Points in my account?
The first date you’ll see Loyalty Points in your account is March 1, 2022. Loyalty Points earned from eligible activity during January and February 2022 will appear in your account in early March 2022.
When will my current AAdvantage® status be extended?
All members with loyalty status set to expire on January 31, 2022, have been extended to March 31, 2022. Your account already reflects this change.
If you have already achieved status in the 2021 qualification year, the end date of that status will update to March 31, 2023, by the end of March 2022.
How does the January and February 2022 period work?
From January 1 to February 28, 2022, members will have the opportunity to continue to earn EQMs, EQDs, and EQSs toward 2021 status qualification when flying on eligible airlines (American Airlines, oneworld®, and JetBlue).
During the same period, members will also earn Loyalty Points toward the new program. Loyalty Points earned in January and February 2022 will be deposited into your account in early March 2022 and will count toward reaching status for 2023.
If you earn the Loyalty Points needed for 2023 status between January and February 2022, you’ll be granted status in early March 2022.
If you qualify for AAdvantage® Platinum or AAdvantage® Gold status, your counter for earning 500-mile upgrades – which normally resets on January 31 –will be extended to March 31, 2022.
What are the status qualification and membership year periods for the new program?
The status qualification year will start on March 1 and run through the last day of February.
For example, in 2023, we’ll restart your counter on March 1, 2023, and it will run through February 29, 2024.
The membership year (when your status is valid) will take effect the date you qualify, or April 1 (whichever comes first) and be valid through March 31.
Purchases made with your AAdvantage® credit card will count based on the date the activity posts to your AAdvantage® account. All other flight and partner transactions will count based on the activity date of the flight or other transaction.
With EQDs going away, will Loyalty Points be used to determine my upgrade priority?
Yes, beginning March 2022 we will use your 12-month rolling Loyalty Points value to determine your upgrade priority.
12-month rolling EQDs will continue to determine upgrade priority through February 2022.
To thank our members who earned EQDs in 2021, your starting rolling 12-month Loyalty Points will be composed of a combination of your 12 month rolling EQD value as of March 1, supplemented with Loyalty Points as you earn them. As of March 1, 2023, the rolling 12-month Loyalty Points value used for upgrade priority will be solely composed of Loyalty Points.
Are you making any changes to how I earn award miles?
No, you will continue to earn award miles as you do today. This includes the ability to earn miles based on the ticket price (excluding government-imposed taxes and fees) for flights marketed by American and JetBlue. Travel on all other partner airlines will continue to earn award miles based on the distance flown.
Will Loyalty Points count towards Million Miler℠ status?
No, Million Miler℠ status will still be earned the same way as today, based on miles earned from flying with American and our partners.
What is changing with the Loyalty Choice Rewards offered to AAdvantage Platinum Pro® and AAdvantage Executive Platinum® members?
Elite Choice Rewards, now called Loyalty Choice Rewards, will require you to meet 2 thresholds to be eligible starting in March 2022:
Qualify for AAdvantage Platinum Pro® status based on the new Loyalty Points requirement for that status
Fly a minimum number of flight segments flown on Loyalty Point-qualifying airlines (flights marketed by American, oneworld® and JetBlue) during the qualification period
American marketed award travel will count toward reaching the minimum flight segment requirement.
Will the reward options available through Loyalty Choice Rewards be the same as those offered before?
We will continue to offer rewards like AAdvantage® bonus miles, systemwide upgrades, and Admirals Club® membership. We’ll share more details in the future.
Does the “double dipping” period help me qualify for the 2021 Elite Choice Rewards promotion?
Yes, if you meet the 2021 requirements to qualify for AAdvantage Platinum Pro®, AAdvantage Executive Platinum®, or reach the beyond AAdvantage Executive Platinum® thresholds in January or February 2022, you will be eligible for the 2021 Elite Choice Rewards.”

Zur Info Page: Earning AAdvantage® status just got simpler

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