Radisson Rewards hat einen 100% Bonus beim Punktesale gestartet …

Radisson US hat erneut einen 100% Bonus für den Punktesale laufen. Ein Umweg über Punkte kann sinnvoll sein, muss es aber nicht. Punkte von Radisson US sollte man ohne Probleme auch zu Radisson International übertragen können.

Die Infos:

“Get a 100% point bonus with this limited-time, buy-one-get-one sale on points—offer ends December 1, 2021!”

Die Bedingungen:

“Radisson Rewards Americas offers its members the opportunity to purchase reward points (“points”) for personal use or as a gift (“Purchase Option”). The Purchase Option is offered through a third-party provider, Points.com Inc., a corporation existing and resident in the Province of Ontario, Canada and located at 111 Richmond Street West, 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2G4 (“Points.com”). By submitting your online request to purchase points, you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions which govern the transaction of purchasing points from Points.com (“Purchase Terms and Conditions”).
1. By submitting your online request to purchase points, or by allowing the credit card number provided to be charged for the purchase of points, you acknowledge and agree to accept these Purchase Terms and Conditions.
2. You, or the recipient of gifted points, must be a member in good standing of the Radisson Rewards Americas in order to be eligible to receive purchased points. In order to purchase points as a gift, you must provide the recipient’s Radisson Rewards Americas account member number and email address at the time of purchase.’3. Points may be purchased in 1,000 point increments up to 80,000 points per transaction. You may purchase a maximum of 80,000 points per calendar year per Radisson Rewards Americas account and no Radisson Rewards Americas member may have more than a total of 80,000 points per calendar year deposited to their account through the Purchase Option.
4. Members purchasing points or receiving gifted points may not redeem purchased points for miles with Lufthansa’s Miles & More program. Purchasing points will exclude members from any redemption with Miles & More for the lifetime of the member’s account.
5. All points are sold in US Dollars and all purchases of points are non-refundable and non-cancellable
6. Please allow 24 hours for the purchased points to be posted to the Radisson Rewards Americas member account.
7. The purchase of points is not a guarantee of the availability of any Radisson Rewards Americas rewards and the earning and redemption of points is subject to all Radisson Rewards Americas terms and conditions including the Radisson Rewards Americas Privacy Policy.
8. By submitting a request to purchase points you authorize Points.com to charge and process the credit card number you provided for the amount stated, based on the number of points purchased. Charges should appear on your monthly credit card statements as “Radisson by Points”. In the event of any point or financial discrepancies, the payment calculations under the Purchase Option shall be based upon the data in Points.com’s or Radisson Rewards Americas’s records. Points will only be deposited to the member’s account after receipt of payment.
9. All amounts paid by a member for the purchase of points is pursuant to these Purchase Terms and Conditions or as otherwise set forth in the Purchase Option website pages. If applicable, amounts charged include Canadian GST/HST.”

Die Höchstmenge:

80.000 Punkte + 80.000 Punkte = 160.000 Punkte: 480 Euro

Zur Promo Page: Buy points

Punkte von Radisson Rewards Americas sollten ohne Probleme zu Radisson Rewards International übertragen werden können: Global Points Transfer

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