Hier mal eine Aufstellung der Programme mit Haushalts- oder Familienaccounts …

Doch einige Airlines bieten in ihren Meilenprogrammen Familien- oder Haushaltsaccounts. In der Regel sammelt man Prämienmeilen gemeinsam oder kann sie zusammenführen. Das einzelne Mitglied behält aber die Statusmeilen. Die Airlines haben je eigene Akzentuierungen bei diesen Programmen. Manchmal sind Verwandtschaftsverhältnisse notwendig, dann wiederum nur ein Haushalt oder gar keine Einschränkungen. Schauen wir uns aber die Programme mal genauer an:

Aegean Miles+Bonus Together Account

  • Ab Silver Status
  • Keine Verwandtschaft oder Haushalt notwendig!
  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • 6 Mitglieder im Pool

“We aim to reward families and friends by providing them the opportunity to accumulate miles in one account and make spending even more accessible.
As a Silver or Gold member you may activate a Together account and add up to 5 members, regardless of their tier. All the award miles earned by each member will be automatically transferred to your common account, letting you make full use of the collective balance. At the same time, all the members of the account will continue to receive their personal tier miles in order to be eligible for tier upgrade or retain.
Activation of the Together account is quick and easy. Simply log-in to your Miles+Bonus account and select “Activate Together account” from the navigation list of your account menu. You will automatically be assigned as the Head of the Together account and you will have the opportunity to invite 1 to 5 members. As a Head, you will be exclusively responsible for the administration of the account. Login to Miles+Bonus, check the members of your Together account, monitor their transactions, spend miles and see how close you are to enjoying your next award.”

Zur Page: Together

Aeromexico Club Premier Family Group

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount

Die Infos:

“Share the adventure of traveling with your family and the Club Premier Family Group perks.
All Club Premier Family Members can transfer Points between accounts any time and free of charge.
One of the parents must be the primary Family Group account holder.
Membership is limited to spousal and children’s accounts linked to the primary account.
Last names on the accounts must match one of the parent’s last names to qualify. You must write to soporte@clubpremier.com to qualify your legal guardianship in other cases.
One of the spouses must be the primary Family Group account holder.
Only one Group applies per family.
All family members must be enrolled in the Club Premier Family Program to enjoy the benefits.
Does not apply to Corporate Club Premier accounts.
Only can register children under 21 years.
Children left to give the additional percentage to the Beneficiary Account once they reachage 21.
The beneficiary will be the only person authorized to break the links of the accounts of their children, except when they are over 18 years.”

Zur Page: Family Group

Air Canada Aeroplan Family Sharing

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount
  • Nur telefonisches Verändern Beenden und halbes Jahr Sperrfrist
  • 8 Mitglieder im Pool

Die Infos:

“Even with Aeroplan Family Sharing, members still have the option to transfer points between accounts.
Members in an Aeroplan Family Sharing pool can combine points without transfer fees and make redemptions from the shared balance at no additional cost.
If you wish to transfer pointsExternal site which may not meet accessibility guidelines. to another Aeroplan Member, you can do so at any time for a fee. If you are part of a family sharing pool, the transfer will come from the total pool balance and not your individual account.
Contact Aeroplan to leave or terminate an Aeroplan Family Sharing pool.
To leave a family sharing pool, please contact the Aeroplan Contact Centre by phone to be removed. The Family Lead can also call on behalf of a Family Member to request removal. Remember, you must stay in the pool for a minimum of three months before you can leave. The pool will end if all members leave or are removed.
Aeroplan Elite Status is not affected by joining an Aeroplan Family Sharing pool.
Family sharing does not affect your Aeroplan Elite Status – you can continue to progress towards your status individually when you’re a member of a pool. However, your pool gets to benefit from your preferred pricing as a status member, meaning everyone can often book flight rewards for fewer points!
Aeroplan Family Sharing does not impact points expiry.
Members in a family sharing pool have 18 months to keep their individual points active before they expire. Earning activities will only keep an individual member’s account active, as points are earned in the member’s account. However, since points are taken from all members when redemptions are made from the pool, everyone’s account is kept active when a redemption takes place.
Members can redeem points for a flight reward for someone not in their Aeroplan Family Sharing pool.
As long as you have redemption privileges, you can use Aeroplan points from the family sharing balance to book a flight reward for anyone, even if you’re not travelling with them.
Certain members in the family sharing pool may be ineligible to redeem.
The Family Lead defines whether you can redeem for rewards, or only contribute points to the pool. You can review the permissions set for you on the ‘Family sharing’ tab in your Aeroplan dashboard, and to make changes, you’ll need to ask your Family Lead about the permissions set for you.
Members can join only one Aeroplan Family Sharing pool at a time.
If you didn’t receive an invitation to a family sharing pool, and don’t see one pending in your Aeroplan dashboard, check if you have another invitation pending for a different pool. Don’t forget, you are also required to wait 6 months after leaving a pool before you’re eligible to join a new one.”

Zur Page: Better together with Aeroplan Family Sharing

Air India Family Pool

  • Familienaccount
  • Head muss indischer Staatsbürger wohnhaft in Indien sein!
  • 9 Mitglieder im Pool
  • Veränderungen für Meilen

Die Infos:

“”Mera Parivaar” is the name of the Family Pooling Program offered by Air India to KYC (Know Your Customer) verified members of Flying Returns (FR). Family Pooling allows two or more individual members, who are related to each other, to link their individual accounts for automatic transfer & pooling of all or pre-determined part of their individual accruals into the account of the “Pramukh” or Head of Family (HoF), who in turn can redeem FR points as per T&C.”

Zur Info Page: Family Pool FAQ

ANA Mileage Club Family Account Service

  • 1.000 Meilen Gebühr für Registrierung
  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount
  • Nur für Mitglieder außerhalb von Japan
  • 8 Mitglieder

Die Infos:

“Customers Who are Eligible for AFA Service
ANA Mileage Club members (the primary member) who reside outside Japan can register 2-8 family members (including themselves) for this service. The registered family members can be their spouse or same-sex partner, and relatives within 2 degrees of kinship.
Registration of only for the primary member is not accepted.
Please note that this service is not available if the registered address for ANA Mileage Club is within Japan.
Registration Fee
A registration fee of 1,000 miles shall be required for registration of this service (new registration and registration of additional changes).
The registration fee cannot be combined.
Registration fee shall be deducted from the Primary Member’s mileage account.
Mileage Accrual
Mileage is accrued by each individual ANA Mileage Club member’s membership number. Mileage is not accrued by all family members (as a single unit) who are registered for this service.”

Zur Page: ANA Mileage Club Family Account (AFA) Service

Asiana Family Mileage Plan

  • Familienaccount
  • 8 Mitglieder

“If you have insufficient mileage when reserving mileage tickets (including seat upgrades), you can add a family member’s mileage and use it to reserve tickets”

Zur Page: Family mileage plan

British Airways Executive Club Household Account

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Haushaltsaccount (kein Familienaccount)
  • Einlösungen nur für 5 Accounts

Die Infos:

“Um Ihr Haushaltskonto einzurichten, müssen Sie als Erstes entscheiden, wer das Hauptmitglied sein soll. Diese Person muss bereits ein Mitglied des Executive Club sein und den Antrag ausfüllen. Das Hauptmitglied erhält alle Mitteilungen in Bezug auf das Konto und ist die einzige Person, die Mitglieder hinzufügen oder löschen oder die Adresse für das Haushaltskonto ändern kann.
Ob die übrigen Haushaltsangehörigen bereits Mitglieder sind oder nicht, spielt keine Rolle: Sie können sich im Rahmen des Antrags für das Haushaltskonto anmelden. Das Hauptmitglied kann dann die Mitglieder des Haushaltskontos jederzeit ändern.
Alle Mitglieder des Haushaltskontos sammeln weiterhin einzeln Statuspunkte und steigen in höhere Statusebenen des Clubs auf, sie können aber auch Avios vom zusammengelegten Haushaltskonto einlösen. Wenn Avios eingelöst werden, ziehen wir einen anteiligen Betrag von Saldo jedes Mitglieds im Haushaltskonto ab.
Genau wie bei einem Einzelkonto bleiben Ihnen die Avios auf Ihrem Haushaltskonto erhalten, solange Sie mindestens einmal in 36 Monaten ein paar Avios sammeln, einlösen, kaufen oder teilen.
Bei einem Haushaltskonto sind einige wichtige Fakten zu beachten:
Die Mitglieder eines Haushaltskontos können ihre Avios nicht für andere Personen außerhalb des Haushaltskontos einlösen.
Änderungen an der eingetragenen Adresse des Haushaltskontos können nur alle sechs Monate vorgenommen werden
Executive Club Mitglieder können erst Avios einlösen, wenn sie mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind”

Zur Page: Haushalts-Konten

Egyptair Plus Family Miles

  • Pooling von Prämien- und Statusmeilen
  • Familienaccount!
  • 5 Mitglieder

Die Infos:

“Each EGYPTAIR Plus Main Member can add up to 5 Members (first-degree family relationship) subject to the terms and conditions of family membership.
Age of family members should not be less than 2 years old.
Send to customeraff@egyptair.com copy of each member’s passport and advise their relations
(Father-Mother-Wife/Husband-Children) with their full details (Full name – relationship – date of birth – contacts).
Each family member will have a membership number;
however, miles earned from travel onboard EGYPTAIR as well as Star Alliance Carriers will be added to main member’s account.
The membership level of the family members remains on the Blue Level regardless the membership Level of the main member.
Miles are credited to the main member’s account as 100% of the earned miles eligible for the Blue Level subject to the distance travelled and the class of service.
Please refer to the “Earn Calculator”.
No previous flights before Family Members joining date are allowed to be added to their accounts as these are the rules and conditions of our program.
All family members are requested to quote their own membership number while booking as well as during check-in; in order to credit the miles to the main member’s account.
Any request of change in family members, will be charged 1000 miles to be deducted from main member’s account for each transaction requested.
Request to add or modify any family member should be submitted at least 1 week before the date of the family member first flight.
Accompanying members have no right to join more than one family membership at the same time.
If this occurs, EGYPTAIR Plus reserves the right to terminate the membership immediately and take all necessary actions at its own discretion.
Adding a Main Member as a Family Member is not permitted, as it will be subject to losing his Tier Level and his accumulated Miles.”


Emirates Skywards My Family

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount!

Die Infos:

“Yes, you can contribute up to 100% of the Miles you earn on flights with Emirates, flydubai and other airline partners, as well as the Miles you earn with our bank, hotel, car rental, retail and lifestyle partners.
Any Emirates Skywards member aged 18 years or above can become a Family Head and create a My Family account.
Your current Skywards Miles balance and Tier Miles balance will remain as before. For any future Skywards Miles you earn on Emirates Flights, you can choose to contribute some or all of your Skywards Miles to your My Family account. The contribution percentage can be changed at any time.
You can invite any members of your immediate family to join. If they’re not already Emirates Skywards members, they’ll just need to register first before you can add them. Immediate family members include the following: Husband, Wife, Partner, Son, Step‑Son, Daughter, Step‑Daughter, Mother, Mother‑in‑Law, Step‑Mother, Father, Father‑in‑Law, Step‑Father, Brother, Sister, Granddaughter, Grandson and Domestic Helper.”

Zur Page: My Family

Etihad Guest Family Membership

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount!
  • 9 Mitglieder

Die Infos:

“What is a Family Membership?
An Etihad Guest Family Membership allows everyone to earn miles individually through travel or any one of our partners, then look forward to enjoying them as a family. Each family member can spend their own miles, or the head of the family can use them all on flights for everyone, buy something special from our Reward Shop, or pay for the next family holiday.
Each family member must have their own Etihad Guest account. Including the Family Head, a total of 9 members can be part of your Family Membership.
Members who are eligible for the Family Membership include your extended family. So, make sure you get everyone to sign-up for Etihad Guest, then create the Family Membership to start enjoying more rewards, faster, together.
Why should I join?
Getting a Family Membership means more miles faster.
The best part is, each family member will also be awarded Tier Miles when they fly, helping them climb to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status, with greater benefits and rewards as they go.”

Zur Page: Family Membership

JAL Mileage Bank Family Club

  • 1.000 Meilen Gebühr für Registrierung / Veränderungen
  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount!
  • Meilen für Veränderungen im Account

Die Infos:

“Your family’s designated primary member can be any eligible family member 12 years of age or older, who is a JMB member and resides (or is planning to reside) in a country other than Japan.
Family members are other JMB members who enroll in JAL Family Club as the primary member’s spouse, the primary member’s children, the primary member’s parents, the spouse’s parents, or the children’s spouses. There is no age restriction. Up to 8 persons can be registered as family members.”

Zur Page: JAL Family Club

Jet Blue TrueBlue Points Pooling

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Keine Verwandtschaft oder Haushalt notwendig!
  • 7 Mitglieder

Die Infos:

“A Points Pooling account can consist of up to seven (7) TrueBlue members. The Pool Leader (the person who starts the Points Pooling account) controls the account. The Pool Leader must then invite at least one (1) other TrueBlue Member to join their Points Pooling account. The Pool Leader, along with any Member given redemption privileges by the Pool Leader, can redeem TrueBlue points from the Points Pooling account without the permission of Pool Members. The Pool Leader can remove any person from the Points Pooling account at any time, and the Member will leave with their remaining balance of TrueBlue points. The Pool Leader may not invite a new Participant into the Points Pooling account for at least six (6) months following the removal of a Pool Member. You must contribute 100% of the TrueBlue Points that you earn to the Points Pooling account for every transaction starting after you accept an invitation to the pool. If you remove yourself from a Points Pooling account, or are removed by the Pool Leader at their sole discretion, your remaining individual TrueBlue points will be transferred back to your TrueBlue account. Additional restrictions apply. See the Points Pooling Terms and Conditions for details.”

zur Page: Points Pooling

Korean Air Skypass Family Plan

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Keine Skyteam Partnerairline Einlösungen!
  • Familienaccount
  • 5 Mitglieder

Die Infos:

“Family registration is required in order to pool mileage of family members.
Family mileage can be combined for up to five family members, including the member.
Authorization from the family member is required for Family Plan.
You may authorize or withdraw mileage pooling from the [My > Family] menu.
My Family Status
When pooling the mileage of family members, you can designate the amount of mileage as well as the order of family members to pool. (However, the order of pooling cannot be changed at ticket reissue)
Mileage with the longest validity period will be refunded first for partially used award ticket refunds.
Authorization is valid until it is withdrawn. Approval may be given and withdrawn at any time on the website.
SkyTeam Awards / SkyTeam Upgrade Awards and local expenses of Mileage Tour are not eligible for family pooling.”

Zur Page: Family Plan

Lufthansa Miles and More Meilenpooling

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Keine Verwandtschaft oder Haushalt notwendig!
  • 2 Erwachsene und 5 Kinder

Die Infos:

“Jeder Teilnehmer über 18 Jahre kann einen eigenen Pool eröffnen – ganz einfach und in wenigen Schritten.
Laden Sie die Personen ein, die Ihre Meilen mit Ihnen gemeinsam poolen sollen.
In Ihrem Pool werden nun alle Prämienmeilen der Mitglieder zusammengeführt. Während Minderjährige ihre eigenen Meilen auch weiterhin selbst einlösen können, ist das Einlösen der gepoolten Meilen nur durch die beiden Erwachsenen möglich.
Cleveres Detail: Das System managt Ihre Meilen automatisch nach möglichem Verfallsdatum. Geschützte Meilen werden erst dann eingelöst, wenn die ungeschützten für die gewünschte Prämie nicht ausreichen.”

Zur Page: Mileage Pooling – Gemeinsam schneller zur Prämie

Norwegian Reward Family Account

  • 7 Mitglieder
  • Keine Verwandtschaft oder Haushalt notwendig!

“Family Account is a feature provided for Norwegian Reward members who wish to collect family members’ earned CashPoints in one account. This makes it easier to use the family’s earned CashPoints when booking tickets at Norwegian.com.
A Family Account can consist of up to seven Norwegian Reward members, one of whom must be an adult aged eighteen years or older.”

Zur Page: Family Account

Qantas Frequent Flyer Family Transfers

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount!

Die Infos:

“Family Transfers enable you to transfer a portion of your points to an eligible family member, who is also a Frequent Flyer member, in any 12-month period.
Family transfers don’t count as activity on your account, or the account you transfer points to, for the purpose of preventing your points from expiring.
How Family transfers work
Minimum 5,000 to maximum 600,000 points per transfer
Unlimited number of transfers in any 12-month period, up to a maximum of 600,000 Qantas Points
You can transfer points online to an eligible family member online or you can call the Frequent Flyer Service Centre to transfer points (a Reward Assistance Fee applies for family transfers completed via a consultant).
You can also use your points for a Reward flight for an eligible family member. View the terms and conditions for further details about family transfers.”

Zur Page: Family Transfers

Qatar Privilege Club Family Programme

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienmitglieder sammeln keine Qpoints (Statusmeilen)
  • Familienaccount!

Die Infos:

“Get the most out of your Privilege Club membership when you share your benefits with your family. Our Family Programme offers main members the option of pooling Qmiles earned by nominated family members into their accounts for quicker awards.
Our Family Programme main members across all tiers can nominate up to nine close family members, choosing from their spouse, children older than two years and parents. The higher your membership level, the more Qmiles your family members will earn.
Each family member except those of Burgundy members will receive their own membership cards. Burgundy members will be able to print, save or email the digital cards of their family members. They can then start earning Qmiles whenever they fly with Qatar Airways or any oneworld member airline, or when they use the services of our other airline or non-airline partners. All Qmiles earned by family members are credited to the main member’s account. Family members’ flight activities do not earn Qpoints”

Zur Page: Pool Qmiles for quicker rewards

SAS EuroBonus

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Keine Verwandtschaft oder Haushalt notwendig!
  • 7 Mitglieder

Die Infos:

“Discover more of the world – together with your family and friends.
By joining a Point Sharing group, you and up to 7 other travelers can pool EuroBonus points in a shared account and then use them towards travel experiences together.”

Zur Page: Point Sharing

Turkish Miles and Smiles

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen
  • Familienaccount!

Die Infos:

“To take advantage of the Family Miles scheme, you need to complete a feedback form and send it to us along with photocopies of the marriage certificate and ID cards relating to your family members (partner and children), their Turkish ID numbers and a request signed by you that includes your full address, telephone, and email or fax details. If any family members are already Miles&Smiles members, you need to include their membership numbers and also send a copy of their card together with the feedback form. All Miles on the family accounts have been collected under the head account automatically.
After given permission by the Head Account member, all family members will be able to spend Miles on the Family Membership. If the head account member requests to give authorization of spending Miles to one of the other members, by completing a feedback form with name, surname and Miles&Smiles ID numbers of other family members via www.turkishairlines.com, the member also can use Family Miles.
All members of the family account can see total Miles of the family through channels but the members who do not have the authorization cannot spend them through any channel.
Status Miles will continue to be collected on the account of each member separately.
The member who separated family Miles by his/her own wish or becomes over 25-years will be removed from the family membership by the system, will continue to earn Miles on his/her individual membership. Miles which added to family membership Miles before, will not be transferred to their own account in any way.
At least one of the member must be a Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus member in order to benefit from Family Membership.”

Zur Page: Family Membership

Virgin Australia Velocity Family Points Pooling

  • Pooling von Prämienmeilen und auch Statusmeilen
  • Familienaccount!

Die Infos:

“You can pool with up to six family members living at the same address. This can include – two members 18 years or over and up to four members less than 18 years of age. You can only pool with up to 6 family members living at the same address.
A member can only contribute to one beneficiary at a time, but may have up to 2 beneficiaries in any calendar year. The beneficiary can only be assigned or changed from the logged in contributors account.
You can choose to pool either just Velocity Points or both Velocity Points and Status Credits to the beneficiary. You cannot select just Status Credits.”

Zur Page: Family benefits

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