MASTERLIST: Stopover Programme

Hier mal die guten Stopover Programme …

Die Stopover und Layover Programme der Airlines können wirklich spannend sein. Einige Airlines bieten kostenlose Stopover. Dann gibt es bei anderen Fluglinien Hotelübernachtungen bei einem längeren Layover. Turkish, Qatar und Saudia scheinen die spannendsten Programme laufen zu haben.

Stopover? Layover? Eigentlich gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen Stopover und Layover. Layover wäre unter 24 Stunden und Stopover über 24 Stunden.

Air Canada

Lässt einen 48 Stunden Stopover in Toronto buchen.

Zur Info Page: Experience Toronto with a stopover

Air China

Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem längeren Layover:

“1)Overnight layovers (flights where the arrival time of the inbound flight segment and the departure time of the outbound flight segment is on different days): For domestic–domestic flight connections, the layover duration must be between 6 and 24 hours; for domestic–international (regional), international (regional)–domestic and international (regional)–international (regional) flight connections, the layover duration must be between 6 and 30 hours.
2)For same-day transit (the transit point: arrival time of the previous flight and the departure time of the subsequent flight are on the same day), the scheduled arrival time of the previous flight is before 8:00 am (including) and the transit time ≥ 6 hours.
3) Passengers must hold a connecting flight ticket whose ticket number begins with “999.”Passengers must hold a connecting flight ticket with two or more segments booked under the same reference number and ticket number. Alternatively, passengers may hold multiple tickets with consecutive ticket numbers if they booked too many segments.
4) Both inbound and outbound segments must bear the CA airline code.”

Zur Info Page: Transit Accommodation

Aer Lingus

Lässt einen Stopover bis eine Woche buchen!

Über Multi-Stopp buchbar!

China Southern

Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem längeren Layover:

“This standard applies to passengers who have booked seats on flights of China Southern Airlines (including codeshare flights, excluding ground virtual flights) connecting at the Guangzhou Hub with a connecting time of no less than 8 hours and no more than 48 hours, and meet one of the following two conditions (including a China Southern Airlines domestic codeshare flight operated by XiamenAir connecting with a China Southern Airlines international flight)
For non-intercontinental connecting tickets, the cabins of an international segment should be: F/ J/ C/ D/ I/ O;
For intercontinental connecting tickets, the cabins of an intercontinental segment should be: F/ J/ C/ D/ I/ O/ W/ S/ Y/ P/ B/ M/ h/ K/ U/ A/ L/ Q/ E/ G.
Note: Intercontinental routes refer to those travel between Asia and Europe/ Oceania/ America/ Africa.”

    Zur Info Page: Free Accommodation


    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem längeren Layover:

    “The best available connection
    To book a Dubai Connect service, the connecting flight on your itinerary must be the best available connection. This means that the stopover time in Dubai between your two flights must be the shortest one available.
    If your connecting flight departs after another, earlier connecting flight to your destination, then unfortunately your booking won’t qualify for Dubai Connect.
    The length and time of your stopover
    Dubai Connect Services are available to passengers with a connecting stopover time of 10 to 24 hours, or 8 to 26 hours for bookings made on or after 11 October 2022. This applies to all cabin classes (First Class, Business, Premium Economy and Economy).”

    Zur Info Page: Dubai Connect


    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem längeren Layover:

    “Interline Desk on the first floor will facilitate the smooth transit for immediate connecting passengers. For passengers whose connecting flight is over 8 and up to 24 hours and there is no immediate connecting flight to continue the journey, interline desk will facilitate hotel accommodation provided that such passengers have transit /entry visa. For those nationals/ citizens who are eligible for transit visa on arrival, interline desk will facilitate such transit visa. The airline provides a bus service for transfer to/from hotel layover transit passengers.”

    Zur Info Page: Transit Service


    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem längeren Layover:

    “Transit connect is available if you have a connection time of 10 – 24 hours in Abu Dhabi and you:
    Meet all vaccination and testing requirements in Abu Dhabi
    Have a pre-arranged visa to enter the UAE or are eligible for a visa on arrival
    Are connecting to and from an Etihad operated flight
    *Are not travelling to or from GCC, the Middle East and select destinations in Africa
    Are 21 years or older
    Meet the minimum fare requirement of US $500 for one-way flights, and US $750 per person for return flights, including fares and taxes
    Have completed your outbound flight if you are booking Transit Connect for your return journey”

    Parallel gibt es auch zwei kostenlose Nächte in 3* und 4* Sterne Hotels mit einem längeren Stopover (bis 20.12.):

    “Our Stopover on us package is available until 20 December 2023 for stopovers between 24 hours and two nights in Abu Dhabi. You must:
    Meet all vaccination and testing requirements in Abu Dhabi
    Have a pre-arranged visa to enter the UAE or are eligible for a visa on arrival
    Connect to and from an Etihad operated flight
    Book at least three days before you plan to arrive at the hotel
    Book your hotel at – direct bookings will not be accepted
    Be at least 21 years old as the lead booker”

    Zur Info Page: Abu Dhabi Stopover

    Gulf Air

    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem längeren Layover:

    “Your outbound and inbound flights to Bahrain must be booked on a Gulf Air flight (including Gulf Air Codeshare flights) and operated by Gulf Air
    Should there be an available connecting flight within 7 hours out of Bahrain, your entitlement will not be applicable. All passengers choosing a longer connection will have to purchase a stopover product at their own expense.
    If you are under the age of 16 years and entitled to a Stopover Paid by Carrier (STPC), you must be accompanied by either a parent or a guardian
    Provided per direction to your connecting flights that are departing in more than 7 hours from your arrival into Bahrain – subject to meeting the eligibility criteria
    Only applicable to a through fare (i.e. not two separate tickets)
    If your purchased ticket value is US450 (ticket fare + carrier imposed charges) or more (one-way and/or return ticket), will be entitled to a complimentary STPC.”

    Zur Info Page: Connecting at Bahrain International Airport


    Lässt eine Woche Stopover buchen!

    “Aufenthalt von 1 bis 6 Nächten in der spanischen Hauptstadt, ohne Aufpreis auf Ihr Ticket. Entdecken Sie mit Stopover Hola Madrid Vorteile und exklusive Ermäßigungen für Unterkunft, Transport, Shopping, Freizeitangebote und kulturelle Aktivitäten.”

    Zur Info Page: Stopover Hola Madrid


    Lässt eine Woche Stopover buchen!

    “Bei Flügen mit Icelandair können Sie einen Stopover in Island für 1 bis 7 Tage ohne Ticket Aufpreis mitbuchen.”

    Zur Info Page: Was ist ein Icelandair Stopover?


    Lässt eine Woche Stopover buchen!

    Zur Info Page: How to Book Stopover Flights in Japan and Why You Might Want to

    KLM / Air France

    Kostenlose Stopover bis ein Jahr bei Flying Blue!


    Oman Air

    Oman Air hat das kostenlose Stopover Programm beendet. Rabatt auf Hotels wird bei einem Stopover angeboten.

    Zur Info Page: Stopover in Oman And Start Something Special

    Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways hatte mal ein kostenloses Stopover Programm mit Hotelaufenthalt. Derzeit kann man zu wirklich günstigen Preisen Stopover Hotels buchen:

    “Turn one holiday into two with incredible stopover packages to Qatar, the perfect destination for a taste of local culture, desert adventures, world-class shopping, fine dining, and much more.
    Now all you need to do is choose from one of our great value Stopover Packages:
    Standard: choice of 4-star hotels, starting from USD 14*
    Premium: choice of 5-star hotels, staring from USD 20*
    Luxury: choice of 5-star luxury hotels, starting from USD 77*”

    Zur Info Page: Discover Qatar

    Royal Air Maroc

    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem notwendigen Layover:

    “TRANSITS OVER 8 HOURS (authorized to leave Casablanca airport)
    A meal voucher is offered to you. Depending on availability at the Transit & Lodging agency in Terminal 2, you may be offered a hotel room outside the airport.”


    Royal Jordanian

    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem notwendigen Layover:

    “General Conditions for Providing Hotel Accommodation for transit passengers:
    Royal Jordanian shall bear the expenses of layover services when transferring at Amman (QAIA) provided the following general conditions are met:
    Passenger must be traveling on RJ/512 ticket stock where the itinerary is on an RJ flight.
    Passenger must be travelling on non-promo economy fares on class or on business class fares.
    RJ will not bear layover expenses when a passenger is traveling on Group, or on promotional fares.
    RJ will not bear layover expenses for passengers holding rebated tickets issued at any discount.
    RJ will bear the expenses of layover services in Amman for transit time in QAIA , and for a maximum of one night.
    The connecting time must be equal or exceeding eight (8) hours for economy class, and six (6) hours for crown class passengers, and not more than twenty-four (24) hours.
    Passenger shall be booked on first available RJ connecting flight. First available connecting flight applies on arrival or departure flights. +Note: Connecting time is based on the scheduled time of arrival.
    RJ will not bear layover expenses for passengers holding two separate tickets.
    RJ will not bear layover expenses for passengers who are not holding confirmed reservations on the next connecting flights.
    RJ assumes no responsibility for accommodation when traveling is on an issued Award Ticket (U & X) classes.
    In case an online journey is delayed hotel accommodation shall be provided as indicated in the RJ delay procedure
    RJ will not bear layover expenses when travel is:-
    a. Wholly within the Middle East *, except from/to Basra
    b. Between the Middle East* and North Africa , Tunisia and Algeria, except from/to Basra
    c. When travel is domestic in Jordan (Journey starts in AMMAN to AQABA or vise-versa)
    *Middle East countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.”

    Zur Info Page: Transit Accommodation


    Bietet eine kostenlose Nacht und kostenloses Visum:

    “Conditions for benefiting from free accommodation
    Once payment is confirmed, apply for a one-day free stay by clicking on the SAUDIA holidays banner on the reservation confirmation page, or from manage my booking SAUDIA Holiday banner, or the SAUDIA Holidays website.
    We would like to inform you that the free one night package must be booked at least 48 hours before the departure time to ensure the completion of the booking, as it is not possible to make packages for the free one night if the time is less than 48 hours left to the flight departure.
    When you arrive at the hotel, please present your boarding pass to the hotel receptionist to benefit from the free accommodation offer.
    Hotel reservations depend on the capabilities available at the time of making the reservation. A request can be submitted via the form available on the site in the event that the possibility of reservation is not available.
    Selected hotel’s policies will be applied on case of reservation change or refund.”

    Zur Info Page: Conditions for benefiting from free accommodation

    Sri Lankan

    Eine kostenlose Nacht bei einem notwendigen Layover:

    “Transit Accommodation
    SriLankan Airlines offers complimentary transit hotel accommodation to their passengers*. This applies to passengers who transit in Colombo between 8 to 24 hours and further conditions are listed below.”

    Zur Info Page: Transit Accommodation


    Stopover bis 10 Tage!

    “Mit Portugal Stopover können Sie zwischen 1 und 10 Tagen einen kostenlosen Stopp in Lissabon oder Porto hinzufügen. Dieser Zwischenstopp kann auf Ihrer Hin- oder Rückreise eingelegt werden. Neben der Möglichkeit, Portugal von der einen bis zur anderen Seite (einschließlich Inseln) zu besuchen, haben Sie Zugang zu exklusivenAngeboten, um Ihr Erlebnis noch unvergesslicher zu machen.”

    Zur Info Page: Portugal Stopover: 2 Ziele zum Preis von 1

    Turkish Airlines

    Bis zwei kostenlose Nächte:

    “While staying in Stopover in Istanbul-contracted hotels, our passengers can explore the city’s historical and cultural structure and enjoy activities specific to Istanbul. Economy Class passengers may stay one night in a 4-star hotel and Business Class passengers may stay two nights in a 5-star hotel free of charge.”

    Zur Info Page: Der beste Teil Ihrer Reise: Zwischenstopp in Istanbul

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    Kommentare 2
    1. Interessant, dh in UAE jetzt kostenloses Hotel bei entsprechendem Ticket Preis, und man kann die Flugverbindungen selber so legen?

      Hatte das 2016 bei Etihad gemacht, da gab es für C 1 Nacht in einem von 6 5* Hotels, bei F 2 Nächte. Für Limo war ich not eligible, da mit Etihad Flugnummer auf Jet Airways Blech. Trotzdem ein netter Stopover mit etwas Sightseeing und Bekannte treffen.

    2. Also bei RJ klappt es (zumindest in Business) auch, wenn es noch einen späteren ankommenden Flug gibt, der die Mindestaufenthaltsdauer für das Stopover-Angebot unterschreiten würde. Bin nach Ankunft in Amman aus Kairo am Nachmittag (es hätte auch noch einen Abendflug gegeben, aber halt nicht zum günstigsten Preis; Weiterflug nach BKK war um 2.15 Uhr nachts) einfach zum Transferschalter, wo man schon einen Hotel- und einen Dinner-Gutschein für mich vorbereitet hatte. Hatte eigentlich mit Ablehnung gerechnet. Man wird vorbei an den Schlangen von Normalsterblichen durch die Passkontrolle eskortiert und im Minivan ins fünf Minuten entfernte Hotel gebracht. Zimmer war schon sehr schlicht, und dem Bad könnte eine Renovierung nicht schaden, aber für mich waren bei knapp über 8 Stunden die private Dusch- und Schlafmöglichkeit ausschlaggebend. Die Lounge ist zwar definitiv eleganter als das Hotel, aber man hat halt weniger Privatsphäre. Insgesamt ist der Service sehr gut organisiert und zeitlich gut durchgeplant, man muss nur wissen, dass man am Hotelschalter (gegenüber dem Transferschalter, von dem man die Gutscheine erhält) das Telefon benutzen muss um den Begleiter herbeizurufen, falls dort gerade niemand sitzt. Steht zwar auf einem kleinen Schild, aber das fiel mir erst nach einer halben Stunde Warten auf.

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