Hilton Status Challenge mit Status bis 2025

Im Haus, Inneneinrichtung, Wand, Couch, Fenster, Kissen, Bettsofa, Boden, Studiocouch, Bude, Fensterausstattung, Kleines Sofa, Fensterabdeckung, Armlehne, Penthouse, Fernsehen, Haus, Bett, Kaffeetisch, Zimmer, Decke, Wohnzimmer, Hotel, Mobiliar, Wohnung

Die Hilton Honors Status Challenge bringt einen Gold oder Diamond Status …

Im Haus, Mobiliar, Inneneinrichtung, Tisch, Fenster, Wand, Decke, Hotel, Couch, Armlehne, Deckenleuchte, Zimmer, Stuhl, Boden

Hilton Honors hat schon sehr lange eine Status Challenge laufen. Leider ist die Challenge nicht offen, sondern man muss einen Status vorweisen. Hier könnte man auf den offenen Best Western Rewards Status Match zurückgreifen.

Mit dem Match erhält man für 90 Tage Gold. Mit 8 Nächten kann man den Gold als Challenge beibehalten. Interessant ist natürlich die Challenge mit 14 Nächten zu Diamond. Der Diamond gilt dann bis Ende März 2025!

ACHTUNG: Nur voll bezahlte Nächte zählen!

TIPP: Eine neue E-Mail Adresse ist bei den meisten Ketten wie ein neues Leben. Man verliert dann aber natürlich die Statusnächte für den Lifetime Status.

TIPP: Eine Bestätigung ist sehr anzuraten. Nachträglich können keine Nächte für die Challenge registriert werden.

Die Infos:

“Match to Gold
Stay 8 night within your 90 day trial period to keep Gold status through March 31, 2025.
Upgrade to Diamond
Stay 14 nights within your 90 day trial period and we’ll upgrade your status to Diamond through March 31,2025″

Die Bedingungen:

“Acceptable forms of status validation include a screenshot of your current and active account status. Acceptable forms of stay validation include a screenshot of your recent reservations or hotel receipt, redacting any personal information other than your name and membership number. We accept .jpg files only. Please do NOT send us any personal information (including your phone number, address, social security number, date of birth, user name, passwords, or credit card information). Only elite statuses from another hotel loyalty program that are listed in the status dropdown menu are eligible for status matching.
Hilton reserves the right to decline any application at any time for any reason. Please allow 7 – 12 business days for Hilton Honors to process your request. Hilton may require additional validation in its complete discretion which may take an additional 7 – 12 business days. The 90 day status match trial period starts once approved. Only members who have not previously completed a status match challenge are eligible. Reward stays do not count toward achieving the status match requirements.”

Die FAQs:

“Updated: April 2023
What is the Hilton Honors Status Match benefit? This is an exclusive benefit for Hilton Honors members who would like to experience elite status and get the chance to accelerate their tier progression.
What do I have to do to receive a Hilton Honors Status Match?
Submit your program and stay proof of another competitor loyalty program. Proof of a stay must be from within the last 24 months.
Once approved for Status Match, we will upgrade your status to Gold for 90 days.
Stay a minimum of 8 nights within your 90 day trial period, and we’ll upgrade your status to Gold.
Even better: if you complete an additional 6 nights (14 nights total) within your 90 day trial period, we’ll upgrade your status to Diamond.
Who is eligible for Status Match? Members who are currently at Base or Silver tier and have not previously enrolled in Status Match.
Why are Gold and Diamond members restricted from Status Match? Gold and Diamond Members are already experiencing the benefits that come with elite Hilton Honors status; we will therefore not process these requests.
How many times can I use this benefit? Qualifying members may enact this exclusive benefit once throughout the lifetime of their membership.
What are acceptable forms of “proof of status” and “proof of stay”? Acceptable forms of status validation include a screenshot of your current membership from your existing loyalty program and a screenshot of your account summary page from the same program. We accept jpg files only. Please do NOT send us any personal information, including your phone number, address, social security number, date of birth, username, passwords or credit card information.
Do Reward Stays count toward achieving the night requirements? No, Reward Stays do not count toward achieving the Status Match requirements.
How long does it take for Status Match to be granted? Due to the large volume of requests, please allow for 7 – 12 business days to review your application. Hilton may require additional validation, at our discretion. In this case, please allow for an additional 7 – 12 business days.
I have requested Status Match but it wasn’t approved until after I completed a stay. Can you retroactively add the stay to the challenge? No, we are unable to add any stays to the challenge that have occurred prior to being approved for Status Match. Please be sure to submit your Status Match request well in advance of an upcoming stay.
What if I decide that I want to save this benefit for a later time, but I have already submitted my Status Match request? Once a member elects to use this benefit and the Status Match is successfully applied to their account, this action is considered final and is not reversible. Please determine the best time to use this benefit according to your personal travel situation before submitting your request through the online form. Remember, you can only use Status Match once, so use it when you really need it.”

Zur Promo Page: Find your Perfect Match

Alternativ sichert man sich den Gold Status mit der Hilton Honors Kreditkarte. Schafft man 20.000 Euro Umsatz, wird man im nächsten Jahr Diamond.

5.000 Hilton Honors Punkte und den Hilton Gold Status mit Kreditkarte sichern

Hilton Fans im deutschsprachigen Raum holen sich mit der Hilton Kreditkarte easy 5.000 Punkte und den Gold Status!

Dort mehr: Hier die Hilton Honors Card beantragen und den Gold Status kassieren!

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