Die kommenden Veränderungen bei British Airways wurden geleaked. Neue Eco Sitze und noch weniger Service …

Cost Cutting ist in letzter Zeit ein großes Projekt bei British Airways. An den Verkauf von Drinks und Essen in der Eco hat man sich ja irgendwie schon gewöhnt. Jetzt geht es aber noch weiter. Ein Flugbegleiter hat auf Flyertalk die nächsten Cost Cutting Projekte geleaked:

“BA have begun training for MF and EF crews on the new NEOs entering service next year. I had mine the other week. A couple of bits:
+ First 320N delivered March, first 321N delivered September
+ All LHR 320 and 321CEOs to be retrofitted with new seating and SpaceFlex Galleys. The first refurbished 321C is in Prestwick being worked on now (first service provisionally the PMI on the 6th Jan).
+ A319s are going to LGW as are Sharklet fitted A320s. Do not believe there are plans to refurbish these.
+ Pinnacle seats (current) for the first 12 rows on 320C&N, and the first 14 rows on 321C&Ns. These will have both USB and a conventional plug socket
+ New Recaro seats aft of Club which will just have USB power. These seats will not recline.
+ 321Ns will have overwing exits and 3 main door pairs instead of current 4 door pairs.
+ No video screens, manual demo every time and the life jackets will have tapes that clip and not a double bow to tie (yay!)
+ Club loads will be capped on long flights due to limited available galley space. This won’t be a problem on short sectors as trays are smaller and no starters etc.
+ There’s no waste bins or cold potable water tap at the rear, so all water runs and clear ins in ET will have to be made from the Club galley after they have completed their service.
+ There are new ovens which are apparently the same as the 350. These give more options for cooking. For the Winter 2018 menu there may be M&S hot meals included in the BOB options, but this is yet to be confirmed.
+ No duty free on any short haul flights, no space for the trolleys!
+ Some changes coming to Club Europe service in April, this wasn’t elaborated on too much.
+ BOB is here to stay, as is M&S. There are no plans to add free water/tea/coffee despite any rumours.”

Quelle Flyertalk: NEOs and a couple of SH changes

Hört sich irgendwie wie Ryanair mit USB Steckern an. Auch Club Europe soll sich ändern. Ich schätze mal, es wird nicht besser werden.