Marriott Bonvoy reduziert das Ambassador Service …

20 000 USD Umsatz und 100 Nächte bringen bei Marriott Bonvoy das Ambassador Service. Dieser Concierge Service ist sehr umstritten. Viele Ambassador Kunden – und auch ich – sehen den Mehrwert vom Titanium Level nicht.

Marriott Bonvoy bewirbt diesen Status immer mit einem personalisierten Service. Von persönlich oder individuell kann aber keine Rede mehr sein. Marriott Bonvoy hat die Anzahl der zu betreuenden Kunden stetig raufgedreht.

Die derzeitige Situation zwingt Marriott scheinbar dazu, die Ambassador Services weiter einzuschränken:

“As an Ambassador Elite member, you are among our most loyal and valued members. As such, I wanted to reach out personally to keep you updated on the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our company and our program. You may have seen a message from our CEO, Arne Sorenson, in which he shared his thoughts about how much our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event, and how much we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world that are on the front line working to contain this coronavirus. I hope you and your family are taking precautions and remain healthy.
Today, governments around the world are making decisions to halt nonessential business activity, and many of our Ambassadors work from contact centers around the globe that have been required to close. As a result, we have adapted the way we deliver the Ambassador Service to you, while enabling us to protect the health and safety of our associates worldwide.
As we continue to react to the unfolding situation, your personal Ambassador may not be available to assist you directly. To preserve the level of service we strive to deliver to Ambassador Elite members, we have engaged our global Ambassador Service team to respond to and address your needs, just as we do after-hours when your personal Ambassador is not working. This approach will help us ensure you get the timeliest response to any travel needs you may have.
I know many of you will miss the one-on-one relationship you may have built or were looking forward to building with your Ambassador this year. While this decision was necessitated by the fight against COVID-19, please know we are committed to returning to business-as-usual when it is safe to do so and permitted by governments. Expect to hear from us again soon, with news about program updates, including 2020 Elite status requirements.
Whether you are traveling now or in the future, I want you to know that your safety, as well as that of our associates, is a top priority. Despite these current hardships, our Ambassador team around the world is waiting to serve you.
Please be safe and stay healthy,
David Flueck
Senior Vice President, Global Loyal”

Quelle: Kommunikation mit den Ambassador Mitgliedern

Das lässt mich sehr irritiert zurück. Wir wissen, dass die Elite Kunden für einen Großteil des Umsatzes eines Hotelunternehmens verantwortlich sind. Gerade die oberste Gruppe zu beschneiden, wirkt befremdlich. Und das alles nachdem die weltweiten Einschränkungen gerade mal zwei Wochen dauern???

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