Keine Direktflüge von Sydney oder Melbourne nach New York oder Europa in nächster Zeit mehr geplant …

Qantas betreibt schon jetzt sehr lange Strecken. Mal von Perth nach London und dann von Sydney nach Dallas. Mit dem Project Sunrise wollte man das nochmals toppen. Von Melbourne und Sydney sollte es nach London und New York gehen.

Wir erinnern uns an das laufende Projekt:

“Qantas has selected the A350-1000 as the preferred aircraft if Sunrise proceeds. This aircraft uses the Rolls Royce Trent XWB engine, which has a strong reliability record after being in service with airlines for more than two years. Airbus will add an additional fuel tank and slightly increase the maximum takeoff weight to deliver the performance required for Sunrise routes.
No orders have been placed but Qantas will work closely with Airbus to prepare contract terms for up to 12 aircraft ahead of a final decision by the Qantas Board.
Airbus has agreed to extend the deadline to confirm delivery slots from February 2020 to March 2020. This provides additional time to negotiate an industrial agreement without impacting the planned start date of Project Sunrise flights in the first half of calendar 2023. … Design of the customer experience for flights up to 21 hours continues, including new cabins across First Class, Business, Premium Economy and Economy. Research flights have underscored the importance of dedicated space for stretching and movement for Economy passengers in particular, as well as the potential benefits from re-designing the service on board to actively shift people to their destination timezone.”


Die aktuelle Situation ist für die Airlines nicht rosig. Neue Projekte können die Airlines gerade nicht stemmen. Da ist es auch nicht verwunderlich, dass Qantas das Project Sunrise absagt.

Kein Project Sunrise vorerst mal und keine Bestellung von A350-1000 Flugzeugen:

“The decision to suspend indefinitely its “Project Sunrise” plan to fly direct from Sydney and Melbourne to European cities and New York is a blow for Qantas, which has invested significant resources in ultra-long-haul travel. It is also disappointing for Airbus, which won the contract to supply modified aircraft for the routes. “We will be putting Project Sunrise on hold,” said Mr Joyce. “The time is not right now given the impact that Covid-19 has had on world travel. We certainly won’t be ordering aircraft for that this year.””

Die Financial Times hat den vollen Beitrag: Qantas shelves ‘Project Sunrise’ plan for world’s longest flights

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