Easyjet und Icelandair Flüge können bald verbunden werden …

Billigflieger sind jetzt nicht die großen Meister von Umsteigeverbindungen. Das ändert sich aber schön langsam gerade. Icelandair und Easyjet sind eine Kooperation eingegangen. Easyjet und Icelandair Verbindungen sollen nun kombinierbar werden.

Die Infos:

“A new partnership: ​Icelandair and easyJet
It’s true that travel has changed, and we are living in unusual times. So at Icelandair we think it’s worth celebrating new connections and new travel opportunities, ready for you, when you’re ready to return to the skies.
Today we are happy to announce a new partnership agreement between Icelandair and easyJet, with Icelandair joining the Worldwide by easyJet platform that opens up a world of simple, stress-free flight connections.
Travel further
The service is expected to be live in the coming weeks at major European airports. From that time, travelers will be able to fly Icelandair to any easyJet hub airport and connect onwards to the easyJet route network. Alternatively, they can fly easyJet to anywhere that Icelandair flies, and fly onwards with Icelandair.
In practice, this might mean flying from Iceland to Amsterdam with Icelandair, then to Rome with easyJet. Or, from Edinburgh to Iceland with easyJet then onwards with Icelandair to one of our North American destinations. The options are near-endless!
Worldwide by easyJet has been consistently growing. There are more than 5,000 unique origins and destinations, which can be booked in combination with easyJet’s 17 partner airlines via one simple, efficient digital booking hub: Worldwide by easyJet.
Connection protection
Using Worldwide by easyJet means extra peace of mind, as flight connections are covered by Dohop Connect protection. If there’s a missed connection, delayed flight, or anything that will disrupt your Worldwide travel itinerary, Dohop ensures that you get to your final destination with as little delay as possible.”

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