Der schillernde CEO Al Baker wurde nun zum IATA Vorsitzenden gewählt …

Die International Air Transport Association (IATA) hat sich einen neuen Vorsitzenden gewählt. Der durchwegs charismatische CEO von Qatar Airways Al Baker ist es geworden:

“Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, has been elected Chairman of the Board of Governors (BoG) of prestigious global aviation industry body International Air Transport Association (IATA), effective June 2018.
The rotating one-year term will commence at the end of IATA’s 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Sydney and will continue until the end of its 2019 AGM. H.E. Mr. Al Baker will succeed current IATA BoG Chairman Mr. Goh Choon Phong, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Airlines.
H.E. Mr. Al Baker said: “I am honoured to have been chosen by my fellow board members to head this important body, at a time when the industry faces numerous challenges on a multitude of levels. To represent and lead the IATA Board of Governors is a tremendous privilege, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent an industry that plays such a vital role in the global economy.
“For more than two decades I have lived and breathed aviation, and I look forward to working alongside the Board of Governors to champion passenger rights and improve security standards across the industry, as well as continuing to promote the rights of freedom of flight for all.”
IATA represents some 275 airlines comprising 83 per cent of global air traffic. The election of H.E. Mr. Al Baker to this prestigious post is a clear recognition of the leading role that he plays in a dynamic and highly competitive industry.”

Zur Presseaussendung von Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Elected Chairman of IATA’s Board of Governors

Eigentlich eine sehr interessante Wahl. Doha wird mit Qatar Airways von den umliegenden Staaten gerade boykottiert und trotzt diesem Spuk. Qatar Airways hat sehr starke Bestrebungen nach Europa und in die USA. Diese Tendenzen gefallen aber nicht so ganz allen Airlines. Trotzdem wurde Al Baker zum Vorsitzenden gewählt. Ist interessant!

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