Die Iberia Promo sollte man noch schnell mitnehmen …

Gestern hatte ich hier schon diesen sehr guten Deal: 9000 Avios für WIRKLICH JEDE Iberia Buchung – 90000 Avios für 180 Euro

Iberia verspricht 9 000 Avios für jede Flugbuchung.

“An additional 9,000 Avios for free. Honestly!
Buy a ticket by 24 June in any class and for any destination, and they’re yours.
You have until 1 December to spend them.”

Die Bedingungen:

“Special offer of an extra 9,000 Avios for each ticket purchased between 21 and 24 June 2018 (maximum of 90,000 promotional Avios per member) on iberia.com for a flight operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Air Nostrum. The Avios will be added within 10 days of the purchase to the Iberia Plus account of all customers identified as members of the Iberia Plus programme during the purchase process.
If the customer requests a refund, either because it is permitted by the fare or for any other reason, the promotional Avios will be withdrawn from their account. The extra promotional Avios not redeemed by 1 December 2018 will be withdrawn from the customer’s account. The redemption terms and conditions are subject to the general terms and conditions of the Iberia Plus programme.
For example, if a customer purchases tickets on Iberia.com for three people to fly from Seville to Madrid and two of the people are identified as Iberia Plus members during the purchase process, 9,000 Avios will be credited to both of these people within 10 days of the purchase. These two people must have redeemed at least 9,000 Avios by 1 December 2018, or this same amount of Avios will be withdrawn from their account.”

Zur Promo Page: 9,000 extra Avios

Mehr wusste man nicht. Da war natürlich jetzt ein wenig Unklarheit im Spiel. Trotz der vagen Bedingungen haben meine Leser sehr viele ganz günstige Oneway Tickets (ohne sie fliegen zu wollen) mit einem Risiko gekauft.

Loyaltylobby.com hat ein Statement von Iberia bekommen:

“Our Iberia Plus cardholders will be able to keep the promotional Avios, if they don’t fly the purchased segments. And you can only redeem the Avios awarded through this promotion through the Iberia Plus programme. If the customers transfer these Avios to their BA Executive Club account, they will have a negative balance in the Iberia Plus programme, as those Avios wouldn’t have been spent by the date mentioned above. …
The promotion is available when the tickets are bought on iberia.com in the following countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and USA, regardless of the origin of the flight.”

Man behält also die Iberia Plus Avios, wenn man die Flüge nicht antritt. Man kann sie aber nur in Iberia Plus einlösen.

Schon jetzt hat sich die sehr günstige Strecke Palma nach Madrid fast ausverkauft. Um 18 Euro fliegt man Oneway Palma nach Madrid. Es gibt noch Tickets.

Mit Shoop, bekommt man 4,50 Euro pro Iberia (nicht Iberia Express) Buchung Cashback.

Die Palma – Madrid Strecke mit Iberia Express gibt es noch um 18 Euro. Echte Iberia Touren sind teurer, da kann man aber das Cashback von Shoop gegenrechnen.

Wer weitere günstige Touren findet, bitte einen Kommentar hinterlassen!