Thailand wird Reisen ermöglichen. Das aber nur unter starken Auflagen …

Die Tourism Authority of Thailand hat die Pläne für den Restart des Tourismus vorgestellt. Bis 30.06. gibt es ja sowieso mal keine internationalen Flüge nach Thailand. Dann soll erstmal ein sehr eingeschränkter Tourismus möglich sein. Für eine reguläre Thailand Reise hätte man schließlich aber folgende Dinge vor:

Keine Touristen aus Ländern mit hohen Covid-19 Fallzahlen

“International tourists coming to Thailand should not travel from or have lived in ongoing local transmission areas. They should not have a history of being in close contact with any probable or confirmed cases. A medical certificate is also required to be presented. There are restrictions on travelling abroad for Thai people due to the inbound and outbound limitation measures of Thailand and other countries around the world.”

Beschränkte Anzahl an Touristen

“Promoting tourism in each province and to neighbouring provinces or provinces with no reported cases in the form of neighbour tourism. Promoting a revisiting campaign with cultural activities, activities for health, and the beauty of natural attractions. The number of tourists has to be limited to avoid congestion.”

Covid-19 Schnelltest bei Ankunft

“Once arriving in Thailand, tourists are required to undergo the COVID-19 rapid test screening process for reconfirmation, and then depart for a sealed area without making any stops.”

Covid-19 App

“While staying in Thailand, tourists are required to install and use a tracking application on their smartphone for the safety and protection of travelling in and out of sealed areas.”

Fokus auf high-end Tourismus

“Open the cities and country for sustainability by first stimulating domestic tourism that is safe for health and with continuous quality services. Focus on high-end international tourists with the image of Thailand as a world-class health tourism destination.”

Reisekrankenversicherung mit Covid-19 Deckung

“Other measures include but are not limited to buying COVID-19 insurance to boost confidence among international tourists.”

Befreiung von Visa-Gebühren (auch bei Visa-on-arrival)

“Collect tax from outbound Thai tourists to enhance domestic tourism while also exempting the visa application fee at embassies or consulates, including visa-on-arrival application fee, and set a compensation budget for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Immigration Bureau. Extend the night-time curfew in areas with international tourists to stimulate the night-time economy.”

Der volle Beitrag: TAT unveils three part strategy for “new normal” tourism recovery

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