Ein logischer Schritt, aber so schnell hätte man es nicht erwartet. Die Oneworld Partner sperren Einlösungen und das Meilensammeln mit Airberlin …

Jetzt tauchen sukzessive Disclaimer bei den Oneworld Partner Airlines auf. Meilensammeln und Einlösungen werden gerade abgestellt.

British Airways

“British Airways would like to assure customers that we will honour all award miles for flights taken on Air Berlin flights up to and including November 15. We have been advised that the ability to make new redemption bookings on Air Berlin is not possible however, Air Berlin have assured us all existing redemption bookings for travel on Air Berlin up to and including 15 November will be honoured. We are awaiting further guidance as to what the arrangements may be for travel after this time and will advise our customers accordingly when this becomes clear.  This does not affect any other oneworld tier benefits Members may be eligible for.”

Die Infos hier: Will I continue to be able to earn and redeem on Air Berlin following the announcement that Air Berlin is currently undertaking insolvency proceedings?


“On August 29, Finnair has decided to terminate its frequent flyer partnership with airberlin. This decision was taken following airberlin’s suspension of accrual and redemptions of frequent flyers miles for its own topbonus members as well as for frequent flyers from partner airlines, including Finnair Plus members from 19 August. Finnair Plus members will not earn award or tier points for flights flown on airberlin after 29 August.
However, this decision only impacts the accrual and redemption of Finnair Plus points. Finnair Plus Platinum, Gold and Silver members will continue to have top tier benefits when travelling with all oneworld carriers, as usual. Redemption flights booked by Finnair Plus members on airberlin flights before 19 August 2017 are expected to be honoured by airberlin. Frequent flyers who may wish to change their booked redemption flights on airberlin should contact Finnair Plus Customer Service.
Finnair Plus will continue to award points for flights on airberlin taken prior to 29 August 2017. If you are missing points for an airberlin flight, please submit your claim here by 28 February 2018.”


Qatar Airways

“Effective 19th August 2017, airberlin has temporarily suspended frequent flyer mileage accrual and redemptions for its own topbonus members as well as frequent flyers from partner airlines.
Due to this development, only flights taken prior to 19th August will be eligible for mileage earnings. Claims for missing Qmiles on eligible airberlin flights will be based on standard retro-claim policy.
Privilege Club members will not be able to redeem Qmiles for award tickets on airberlin.”

Die Infos hier: More Qmiles with our partners

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